Interviewing at Zühlke - our candidates' perspective

What better way to find out more about our interviews than from our candidates first-hand? 

Meet Sam (advanced software engineer, Singapore), Chin Kok (advanced software engineer, Singapore), Cuong (expert software engineer, Vietnam), and Lisa (pseudonym), a candidate who did not pass the interview process, as they share their candid perspective on being on the interviewee side of things.  

How was your interview experience with Zühlke like?

Sam: I was glad to be given the opportunity for the interview even though I came from a non-traditional background in mechanical engineering. The whole interview process was positive and engaging and it felt more like an open discussion rather than an assessment. My interviewer was also incredibly welcoming and transparent in sharing his personal experience of working at Zühlke.  

Chin Kok: Smooth-sailing and what impressed me was the fact that the interviewers were all very approachable. They also gave a comprehensive introduction of themselves and made the effort for a short chat to ease the interview tension. Overall, it was very engaging, and time passed by fast!  

Cuong: I had a unique experience as my interview was conducted during a recruitment event and hence, I managed to do all the interviews (apart from the very first phone screening) within one day.  

Lisa: Although my application outcome was unsuccessful, the whole interview experience was pleasant. Both the positives and challenges of the role were transparently shared, and I was able to have an open conversation to discuss my future career path. The scheduling of interviews was also efficient and clear – in terms of the next steps and when I can expect an outcome. 

What interview format do you personally prefer?

Sam: Starting the interview process in a virtual format makes me less nervous as I can be in a familiar environment and dress comfortably. As for the final stage of the interview, it would be nice to have an in-person interview to have that human interaction and get a sense of the future colleagues I will be working with. 

Chin Kok: I prefer virtual interviews as it is more efficient and reduces traveling time.  

Cuong: I prefer the in-person interview format as it is easier to have a whiteboard to draw out some architectural structures for technical explanations. In addition, I can get a first impression of the office when heading down to the office and meeting potential future colleagues.  

Lisa: I prefer to have in-person interviews so that it will be easier for me to connect with the interviewer and observe one another’s body language. However, I do appreciate the flexibility of remote interviews since I am based outside of Zühlke Asia’s office locations.  

Given that candidates have individual preferences when it comes to interview format, Zühlke has already implemented these learnings and enabled flexible interview formats – to allow individuals to choose the speed of the process depending on their availability and a choice of either remote or in-person interviews.  

What was the decisive point that made you join Zühlke?

Sam: I get the chance to work on meaningful projects and be exposed to newer technologies instead of legacy technologies.  

Chin Kok: Zühlke was very transparent in the way that information was shared. I was impressed with the depth of information about the company that was shared with us at the interview stage. At the same time, the leadership here is also very employee-centric and ensures that employees have a work-life balance.

Cuong: I like how open the interview was – it was a 2-way conversation where I could provide any feedback that I had during the interview process and receive feedback after every round. In addition, there were some questions in the interview that I could not answer so this gave me the impression that the standard here is high which means that I can grow and learn a lot.  

Even though you did not have a successful outcome in your application, how was the news conveyed? 

Lisa: Through a call, there was a conversation that gave feedback on areas for my improvement – the reason being that other candidates were being reviewed and were more suited to the position. The reasons given were reasonable and I agreed with the outcome.  

What were some of the learnings that you have had from the interview process?

Sam: It was a refreshing experience for me as I received feedback on my performance immediately. There were also some gaps in terms of my technical competencies that were highlighted to improve on. 

Chin Kok: I learnt quite a lot from the pair programming exercise as it was an individualized approach. I did not have much opportunity to do pair programming in my previous company set-up, so I wanted to hear the experts' feedback on my performance.  

Cuong: For pair programming, I was expecting a complex algorithm problem-solving challenge like past interviews I had done. Instead, the focus was more on other aspects of programming – TDD (Test Driven Development), refactoring, how well you can use shortcuts, etc – and it adds up to the entire process of the interview. It showed how the company is not just hiring anyone who can code but a candidate who is an all-rounder in the aspects of programming.  

Lisa: Even though the eventual outcome was unsuccessful, the interview with Zühlke was still a valuable experience and learning opportunity for me. I was given valuable feedback on areas to further work on and improve.  

What makes our interview process unique?

Sam: Immediate feedback after each interview round! Throughout the process, communication was also clear, and it was a refreshing interview experience.  

Chin Kok: As a candidate, you feel respected and comfortable, and I appreciated my interviewers for making this such a pleasant experience for me.  

Cuong: The interviewers were transparent about the role, and it was nice to get feedback after each interviewing round.  

Lisa: Everything about the interview was unique – from the perspective that was given to the approach and expectations of the interviewers. One thing to point out for me was the transparency. It was not only a one-way evaluation, but the interviewers openly shared the challenges of the role and what to expect so I could see whether this is what I want for my next career step. 

Now that you have read all about our interviewing process at Zühlke Asia, why not experience it yourself?

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  • Chin Kok Mah

    Chin Kok Mah

    Former Advanced Software Engineer

  • Ich Cuong Truong

    Ich Cuong Truong

    Expert Software Engineer


    Ich Cuong Truong is .NET Engineer and since August 2022 at Zühlke. He has more than eight years of experience in agile software development as a full stack developer with strong preferences for Test-driven Development following clean code practices and SOLID principles. He has worked as a Team Lead and Technical Lead in the R&D Department of fast-growing and successful tech companies in the North American region. With excellent skills in building scalable systems using cloud services, he has contributed to numerous successful products in many industries like insurance, property management, and identity verification.

  • Sam Teong

    Sam Teong

    Advanced Software Engineer


    Sam Teong is a .NET Engineer since April 2022 at Zühlke. Previously, he has worked on enterprise applications for a leading investment bank, building their credit approval applications with C#.NET, Silverlight and ReactJS. He has also worked in the manufacturing sector for a leading wafer fabrication factory, improving product yields through data aggregation, statistical data analysis and workflow automation. His main area of expertise includes .NET desktop and web development, and working with relational databases (SQL server, Oracle). In his free time, he likes to travel and immerse himself in the diverse cultures around the world.