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When should you consider using a progressive web app?

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  • Our PWA guide explains what a PWA is and describes its properties and structure

  • What are the advantages and features of a PWA?

  • What are the drawbacks of a PWA and where are the stumbling blocks during development?

Developing an app is usually a complex task, requiring experience in a wide range of different areas. Selecting the right technology, the sometimes tedious and complicated Apple and Google approval processes, and the hidden complexity in native apps are all potential stumbling blocks during development.

A progressive web app (PWA) combines the strengths of HTML, CSS and JavaScript with the convenience of being able to store static data on the device, execute processes in the background and reach a large number of devices. A PWA is the right choice in many simple cases. A PWA involves less initial work, can be rolled out faster and uses established web technology.

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