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Embracing an empowerment culture for talent development strategy

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“The foundations of Zühlke’s first success in Vietnam lies in its culture of empowerment, commitment to individual growth, and a flexible, innovative work environment.”

That is the perspective of Tran Nhan Quy, an experienced technology professional with over 18 years of industry expertise and a proven track record as an executive manager in various multinational corporations. Quy was entrusted with the role of Country Lead for Zühlke in Vietnam right from the company’s inception. After reviewing potential countries in Asia, our Vietnam office was officially established in May 2021 as a Global Delivery Centre. In recognition of our unwavering dedication, Zühlke proudly received the esteemed “Vietnam Best IT Companies 2023” award from the Vietnam IT job site – ITviec.

Quy Tran Nhan Quy, General Director of our Vietnam Office

Quy took the role of General Manager and joined the Vietnam office in October 2021. Despite being a tech professional with extensive management experience, he encountered numerous challenges in establishing a company culture in Vietnam amidst the months of quarantine brought about by the pandemic.

Throughout the initial year of our Vietnam office’s successful establishment, Quy recognized three key factors that contributed to his development: adaptability, reflection, and adjustment. He embraced an open-minded approach, accepting and adapting to the dynamics of the people, culture, and environment. Continual reflection allowed him to assess work efficiency, the value delivered to customers, employees, and the organization; thereby enabling flexible adjustments to improve work efficiency and balance the interests of all parties involved.

“As a global technology corporation entering Vietnam, Zühlke places great importance on an empowerment culture, fostering individual growth, and cultivating an innovative and flexible work environment to sustain our development,” he emphasized.

Empowerment, Diversity, and Collaboration

At Zühlke, we embrace and value diverse talent from various backgrounds, countries, ethnicities, and individual identities. Our monthly program, “We are from Everywhere”, fosters harmony within the organization by providing a platform for employees to learn more about each other’s cultural traditions and experiences.

We believe in treating all our employees fairly and empowering them to unleash their full potential at work. Every employee is encouraged to explore and take on diverse global projects, enabling them to grow, learn and excel in their respective roles.

People at the Core

At Zühlke, we view our employees as valuable customers. As such, we are committed to building impactful and meaningful projects, fostering the growth of each employee’s career – where they are provided with opportunities for self-development to make an impact in everything that they do.

Zühlke cultivates a learning environment with a growth mindset, enabling employees to progress along their career paths. The company regularly organises engaging activities on a large scale, fostering idea exchange and knowledge sharing. One highly anticipated event is the annual Zühlke camp, a week-long program that brings together employees from across the region for seminars, knowledge sharing, hackathons, and the exploration of innovative approaches to solve new challenges, leverage emerging technologies and develop creative ideas.   

Innovation in the workplace

“The most effective feedback is the one that is given the earliest,” Quy shared. Instead of waiting until the end of a project or the year, Zühlke prioritizes immediate and ongoing feedback to drive continuous improvement. At the same time, the culture of innovation is reflected in the flexible allocation of job titles, where employees are not defined by their title, but by roles and responsibilities in each project context. This flexibility in job rotation enables our talented professionals to broaden their networks, engage in cross-cultural learning, and gain diverse working perspectives and insights.

VladQuyNils Open discussions in the Vietnam office

Furthermore, our employees can choose to work in one of our 17 offices across 10 countries, or with the ‘Work from Wherever’ program, employees get to decide their most productive set-up for up to 3 months a year, no matter where home is.

Promising Prospects and Abundant Opportunities for Vietnamese Talent

Vietnam is a nation that prioritises investments in its education system to nurture and develop talents. Therefore, he emphasised, “We are thrilled to welcome Vietnamese talent to join Zühlke in bringing high-quality technology solutions to global projects.

With the prospect of expanding its business, Zühlke has plans to grow its team in Vietnam in the near future. The company places importance on talents who not only demonstrate technical expertise but also possess essential soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, customer consulting, and adaptability to the ever-changing technology landscape.

Zühlke is committed to diverse training and learning opportunities. There are continuous opportunities for talented individuals to demonstrate and enhance their capabilities through multinational projects. These projects involve diverse undertakings, such as spearheading the end-to-end development of a new virtual bank in Singapore, collaborating with Fibronostics to design and deliver a cutting-edge blood-based diagnostic test that enhances patience experience and diagnostic accuracy, and modernising Vestiaire Collective’s ecommerce platforms and legacy systems while expanding into new markets in East Asia, among others.

Moreover, Zühlke’s innovative and creative work culture provides an ideal environment for Vietnamese talent to cultivate groundbreaking ideas and explore new perspectives, thereby propelling their career growth. The recognition of Zühlke Asia with the “Great Place to Work” award in 2022 across Singapore, Vietnam, and Hong Kong is a clear statement to Zühlke’s commitment in fostering a positive work culture and nurturing talent development.

Zühlke in Vietnam continues to offer a wide range of career opportunities to attract a diverse pool of talented individuals. Zühlke firmly believes that with a mindset of continuous learning, talent can achieve remarkable success on a global level, ultimately becoming an invaluable asset to the future growth of the company.

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