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Contact-tracing: How secure is SwissCovid?

Raphael Reischuk

Switzerland’s contact-tracing app has been released. How secure is the app? What data is actually being stored about the users and why are Apple and Google involved? Find answers to the most important questions in our FAQ.

Insight in brief

  • How secure is Switzerland’s contact-tracing app?
  • What data is actually being stored about the users and why are Apple and Google involved?

As an additional measure to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the Swiss government has commissioned the development of a contact-tracing smartphone application called “SwissCovid”. Despite being a desirable goal, it is not always possible to avoid mistrust and uncertainty among the public. To shed more light on frequently discussed concerns, we aim to answer a number of frequently asked questions in an easily understandable, yet technically precise manner.

SwissCovid FAQ

The crucial question: How secure is SwissCovid?

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Raphael Reischuk

Raphael Reischuk

Distinguished Consultant & Head of Cyber Security Services
Contact person for Switzerland

Raphael Reischuk is a member of several international program committees for information security; he is Vice President of the Cyber Security Commission of ICT Switzerland and a member of the Cyber Security Advisory Board of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW). Raphael is a frequent and passionate speaker at international conferences and appears regularly on topics of network, web and cyber security. He is the author of numerous scientific publications in various fields of IT security and cryptography, for which he has received several (international) awards.

In the connected and digital world, the key to protecting companies from data misuse and security risks is cyber security. But what does a reliable security strategy look like?
Frequently asked questions about cyber security can be found on our FAQ pages.

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