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Transport Mobility
Transport Mobility

Transport & Mobility

New horizons are opening up for the transport and mobility sector. Rising population growth, urbanisation and sustainability concerns are changing consumer behaviour.

In response the industry is shifting from ownership models towards mobility-as-a-service(MaaS). Operators are investing in new technologies to transform their services and innovate their business models. Partner with Zühlke and we can help you transition to digitally enhanced mobility.

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Technology-led transformation can be a challenging and costly endeavour that creates changes across the whole organization – so finding the right partner is crucial. Zühlke can help your business adopt digital solutions at scale, so you can streamline your operations and reduce long-term costs.  

Zuhlke transport ecosystems
Zuhlke transport ecosystems still

Finding your place in future mobility ecosystems

The transportation of goods and people is undergoing rapid disruption. New technologies and services, socio-economic trends, and differing demographic needs are transforming mobility. New technology promises faster, safer, cheaper and personalised mobility. Yet effective implementation requires the seamless integration of mobility chains, which presents a challenge to your old infrastructure. 

As a provider in today’s climate, you face many demands, from secure and sustainable mobility to greater travel convenience. If you’re unsure about how to leverage technology to optimise operations and improve the customer journey, then we can help you. 

At Zühlke, we put your needs first, embracing the new passenger-centered mobility paradigm. We’ll help you build a sustainable market position by navigating technology trends such as 5G networks, extended reality, IoT and sensor technology, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. 

Zuhlke transport end to end
Zuhlke transport end to end still

End-to-end travel experiences with Mobility-as-a-Service Offerings

To meet new customer demands, you need to deliver new experiences across the whole value chain - everything from seamless multimodal travel, to pay-as-you-go payment to integrated insurance. Meanwhile time, convenience and cost remain key factors to differentiate your business. However, these new services all require the safe collection, management and sharing of data.

To keep pace, you may need to change your business model to find a place in a complex new ecosystem. Mobile-ticketing platforms and automated fare collection systems are no longer just ‘nice to have,’ but a requirement for many travelers. 

Zühlke can help you develop business opportunities based on mobility-as-a-service (MAAS) solutions. We provide expertise in areas such as data science, data security, cloud computing and platform development. And crucially, we’ll assist you in navigating and managing the complexity surrounding data and multiple partners.

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Zuhlke transport fleet management
Zuhlke transport fleet management still

Leveraging Strategic Technologies to Optimise Fleet Management

There’s a mounting pressure for services to be both punctual and safe while also improving your efficiency, financial performance, and environmental footprint.

New technologies such as data analytics, machine learning, virtual reality, blockchain, sensor technology and IoT open up new possibilities for managing and optimising your asset and operation performance. So, jobs such as digital fleet inspection, automatised damage detection and digital fleet control are essential for fleet management services.

At Zühlke, we can help advance your analytics and improve your digital systems, so you can move towards preventive and predictive maintenance solutions. Drawing on our software and hardware development expertise in regulated environments, we help you improve the safety of your passengers and workers and manage your fleets in real-time

We combine human and artificial intelligence to optimise your systems, processes and operations. 

Zuhlke transport datadriven
Zuhlke transport datadriven still

From a Vehicle-Centric to Data-driven Business Models

The world of operations is challenging, from your short-term cost reduction measures and long-term strategic initiatives to the digital transformation of your operation. And sometimes, you’re left with no choice but to reinvent your entire business. So, you can find a place in the travel ecosystems of the future

Data helps you make better decisions, while AI and machine learning makes your processes faster and more customer focused. But the technology’s greatest promise is its potential to develop radically new products and services. 

Zühlke can help you learn how to leverage the right technologies and seamlessly transition between on-demand, private and public transport services.  
We’ll enable you to transition to a passenger-centric paradigm. And, we’ll identify and create digital solutions that help you join mobility ecosystems

Thomas Diggelmann

Thomas Diggelmann

Regional Director Zühlke Bern
Contact person for Switzerland

Thomas Diggelmann is responsible for the Bern location and market area. He advises and supports leading Swiss clients in the areas of digitalization and transformation. In doing so, he can draw on his many years of experience from challenging strategic transformation and innovation projects, primarily in the transport and mobility industry. He is a business economist with a Master's degree in Business Development and an EMBA in Business Engineering HSG. His daily drive is unconditional customer orientation and sustainable customer success.

Andreas Pfleger

Andreas Pfleger

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Austria

Andreas Pfleger is Business Development Manager at Zühlke. After a view exiting years in the manufacturing area, he changed to the IT sector. As a senior project manager he was responsible for mainly sofware development projects. For more than 8 years he specialises in solution-orientated business development in manufacturing and the machine building industry. He has a passion for the industrial digital transformation.

Thorsten Knauf

Thorsten Knauf

Director Business Development
Contact person for Germany

Thorsten Knauf is a Senior Manager who has been working for almost 30 years in the international consulting services industry. He has gained broad experiences from several mission critical and innovative IT and engineering projects across industries. As a partner for business innovation with an agile mind set his current focus is primarily on digital business models, products and services.


Connie Yeung

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Hong Kong

Connie oversees the Insurance and other key business verticals in Hong Kong. She has over 10 years of experience working in both Finance and IT industry, supporting a wide range of organisations including Fortune 500 clients. With that, she has gained extensive insight into how enterprises can create better business outcomes with digital innovation. Connie is also active in foundations supporting initiatives on women leadership and women in IT.

Jonathan Cook Zühlke

Jonathan Cook

Director Business Development
Contact person for United Kingdom

Jonathan Cook has 25 years experience working for systems integrators, telecommunications and engineering companies. He has pioneered better ways of providing engineering services, including Agile delivery, Lean User Experience and Data Science and Data Engineering. With a focus on practical innovation, he has a track record helping to implement new business models to decarbonise the energy and transport sectors.

Kiky Shannon Zühlke

Kiky Shannon

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Singapore

Kiky Shannon is passionate about developing trusting relationships with customers and partners, accomplished through innovative problem-solving. In the last 20 years, he has gained extensive experience and valuable insights through various roles, from Software Engineer to Integration Manager and Solution Sales. At Zühlke, his focus is now on driving business development for the Singapore market. As a learning enthusiast, he is mindfully keeping a balance between building business and being an engineer at heart.