The rapid pace of digitalisation is a major challenge for the telecoms industry. In the past, telecoms companies have been drivers of innovation but as their existing revenue and business models are disrupted, their ability to adapt is being challenged.

Many of their conventional products are simply no longer in demand. Margins are sinking, while new competitors emerging and thriving. With costs rising in proportion to the size and complexity of their systems, telecoms companies face a stark choice: Reinvent today or go under tomorrow. 

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Reinvention means getting to know your customers better, their wishes and needs. Then finding innovative products to meet those needs – and offering the products to customers through the right channels. It means agile and dynamic value chains oriented towards a state-of-the-art end-user experience. This is the only way to guarantee success in the immediate future, and beyond.  
In this new race for digital ascendency, Zühlke helps you back winning technology with a proven track record in telecommunications. From the initial idea through to implementation and operation, we’re at your side – making sure your change stays the course.

Know your Client

In such a customer-centric business as telecommunications, in-depth knowledge of the user is key. Every single touch point has to be excellent, every single process has to be designed from the customer’s point of view. Services should revolve around the customer journey – no matter if they’re B2C or B2B.  

At Zühlke, we know exactly how to do that. We use existing and new data sources – including AI and Machine Learning – to analyse the current customer journey, design an ideal version of it and bring it into line with your business processes. This delivers new customer insights and a new database for products, services and business models that generate new revenues.  

All this is achieved by interdisciplinary teams we put together at Zühlke, which also integrate your staff. Together, with your know-how and our technological expertise, we ensure that new products can be tested, prototyped and implemented more quickly – satisfying innovation-hungry customers and their need for speed.

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Regain Agility and Optimise your IT Budget

Telecom companies operate very complex IT estates, which may be legacy systems and costly to use. This makes developing new products time-consuming and complicated. But your customers are impatient. They want innovations – and fast.

We can help get your IT back on track. We identify any weaknesses in your system and help you make the right IT investments, laying the foundation for a sustainable business model by modernising your applications. This makes your company much more agile, enhancing your ability to take advantage of new business opportunities – and stand out against your competitors.

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Kiky Shannon Zühlke

Kiky Shannon

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Singapore +65 6921 7808

Kiky Shannon is passionate about developing trusting relationships with customers and partners, accomplished through innovative problem-solving. In the last 20 years, he has gained extensive experience and valuable insights through various roles, from Software Engineer to Integration Manager and Solution Sales. At Zühlke, his focus is now on driving business development for the Singapore market. As a learning enthusiast, he is mindfully keeping a balance between building business and being an engineer at heart.

Zühlke Myles Davidson

Myles Davidson

Director Business Development
Contact person for United Kingdom +44 02 7113 5325

Myles Davidson is an experienced leader for the digital transformation of companies and product innovation. Significant experience in driving business initiatives on a local and international level in a complex and rapidly changing environment. Myles is known as trusted advisor for clients at C- and board-level for strategic questions around business innovation and technology.

Zühlke Christoph Bröcker

Christoph Bröcker

Managing Director
Contact person for Hong Kong +852 6467 1505

Christoph Bröcker is Managing Director of Zühlke in Hong Kong. With over 20 years of experience in the IT services industry, he has supported mission-critical projects primarily in banking, insurance, telecommunications, and manufacturing as a manager, consultant and engineer. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and an MBA from Mannheim Business School. Enthusiastic about the value that software can bring to our society and our lives, his current focus is on digital ecosystems and multi-sided platform business models.

Melanie Tschugmall Zühlke

Melanie Tschugmall

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Switzerland +41 43 216 6414

Melanie Tschugmall joined Zühlke in 2016 and has a Master in Strategic Marketing with a focus on Innovation. Before joining Zühlke, she worked in different service companies. In order to stay ahead with new ideas and cross-industry impulses, Melanie is involved in various networks and continuous education, eg. Digital Ethics & Behavioral Economics. This makes her a creative and energetic sparring partner. Melanie is fascinated by digitalisation and continuously challenges status quo. 

Zühlke Gerald Brose

Gerald Brose

Director Business Development
Contact person for Germany +49 511 220 021 55

Gerald Brose is Director Business Development at the Zühlke Group. An Economics graduate, he is responsible for business development in Germany for the industrial sector with a focus on plant and mechanical engineering. Before joining Zühlke, he worked as a consultant and key account manager in IT outsourcing. In addition to the overarching theme of digitalisation, Gerald is currently focused on IP ownership in product innovation, monetisation of data science use cases, and customer experience.