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Consumers are changing their behaviour, along with their sources of information and inspiration. The consumer goods industry must respond – by investing in new business models that adapt their organisations to the dynamic demands of shopping 4.0. Whether retailer or manufacturer, they need solutions that digitalise their touchpoints and processes. For decision makers, this presents two challenges: A lack of  digital know-how and the sheer speed of technological change.

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Zühlke has the broad expertise required to help you digitise your value chains and customer journeys. From digital strategy and innovation consulting – including swift market testing – to building, implementing and maintaining internal system solutions . With us as your trusted partner, you can identify new technologies and  realise innovative store and e-commerce shopping concepts that add value and meet your customers’ future needs

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Access to Goods and Services in a Crisis – and Beyond

The pandemic remains a serious challenge for globalised supply chains. Excessive demand for certain product groups has encouraged consumers to look for alternatives and bypass retailers completely. Manufacturers and retailers must respond – by interacting directly with customers and using customer insights to create flexible digital systems that provide seamless delivery services. 

Zühlke has the consulting and development expertise required to deliver tailor-made, integrated solutions. We begin by developing a holistic vision. Based on our initial business analysis, we propose, develop and implement effective solutions. Once these are operating, we provide maintenance and support. Our proposals range from portal, app and cloud-based solutions to services that we integrate within existing systems.

Paper: The future of contactless shopping

Read interesting insights about changing customer needs and how innovative technologies facilitate use cases in the Zühlke-sponsored study by the Institute of Retail Management at the University of St. Gallen. We have summarised the main findings of the study in a paper.

Paper The Future of contactless shoppting
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The Future of Shopping – Smart Retail Enables a Seamless Customer Experience

For retailers and manufacturers, successful transactions are no longer enough. Shoppers expect personalised solutions that marry bricks-and-mortar shopping and digital innovations in a unique and secure customer experience. The answer is to create seamless digital shopping solutions – in the form of Smart Connected Stores   that work both on and offline.

Zühlke focuses on the individual needs of retailers and manufacturers, which we approach from the customer’s point of view. We implement agile, cutting-edge IT systems that overcome your innovation issues  and deliver smart retail. Our goal is a pragmatic balance of new retail technology, profitability and customer focus. Through consulting, the identification of meaningful use cases and execution, we help you turn good ideas into effective smart-retail solutions.   

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Sustainable Consumption Needs a Brand New Mindset

The pandemic has reinforced calls for more sustainable consumption and production. While consumers demand sustainable, regionally sourced products, manufacturers must continually adapt both development and production to keep pace with evolving legal standards and guidelines. Products have to be repairable, energy-efficient and recyclable – to meet new norms for regionality, environmental awareness and sustainability.

When Zühlke develops products and services, we factor sustainability and other key values into the entire product life cycle on our client’s behalf.  

This makes a difference to how we work with you. In addition to our product development know-how, we also apply the principles of value engineering to product design – principles that optimise cost, function and value. Our value engineering specialists support you in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software with consulting, product development and staff training programs that tap into our extensive methodological expertise and decades of hands-on experience. In this way we help you get products to market with an optimal balance of value and cost – that nevertheless meet modern standards for sustainability. 

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Digital Value-Added Services Create New Business Potential 

Today’s consumers don’t buy products on product features alone. They also judge the quality of accompanying, value-adding services provided by the manufacturer. Retailers, for their part, need user-friendly point-of-sale solutions  with all-round appeal – in particular online. This makes digital, value-adding solutions indispensable – to convince consumers who make purchase decisions based on the manufacturer and to secure retailers’ recommendations.

We help you design and develop products and related services that add value throughout the customer journey – using IoT, AI, AR, VR and other state-of-the-art technologies.

During the development process, we create user experience prototypes that help our clients gather fast and timely feedback from consumers and retailers on new services and products. Once your products and value-added services go live, as your partner we stay by your side. In this phase, we again adapt our services to suit your needs, from the full package – which you control – to partial services by which DevOps and Zühlke Application Management Services (AMS) ensure smooth operation

With this comprehensive, value-focused approach, we help you strengthen the bond with your customers, build dealer  loyalty and reach new target groups.

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The Potential of a Data-Driven Company

Given the enormous potential of data-driven decision-making in the consumer goods sector and retail, there is now increased scope for the application of data science and digital service models. Thanks to solid, relevant data and appropriate algorithms, AI-based solutions can leverage user preferences’ data and create forecast mechanisms to predict the user’s next action. The result is a significant competitive advantage, not least because we affect your entire organisation.  In addition to user interaction, we optimise both analysis and prediction to a wide range of touchpoints across your whole supply chain.

As an experienced partner of service-based organisations, Zühlke has the data-science expertise to support your digitalisation project. Our services range from future-proof  digital strategy development, business model innovation and system landscape modernisation to effective AI and machine learning solutions. Our results-driven approach includes the Zühlke Data Sprint, which rapidly validates concrete use cases from a user, business and data perspective.    

We are convinced that the application of AI solutions in the consumer goods industry has the power to transform the customer experience and optimise the customer journey. These solutions boost efficiency and productivity by raising processes, marketing and sales to a whole new level.

Gabriele Baierlein

Gabriele Baierlein

Director Business Development
Contact person for Germany

Gabriele Baierlein joined Zühlke in 2016. She has already acquired more than 20 years of sales and leadership experience and led complex service deals in international IT companies. At Zühlke, Gabriele takes a leading role in shaping the future of consumer goods & the building industry. She is also a lecturer at the FOM University of Applied Science of Munich and at the Chamber of Industry & Commerce in Bavaria in the areas of economics and project management.

Zühlke Bernhard Zimmermann

Bernhard A. Zimmermann

Director Business Development
Contact person for Austria

As Director Business Development, Bernhard A. Zimmermann is responsible for the sales agendas for Zühlke in Austria and is co-owner of the Swiss Zühlke Technology Group AG. He holds three Masters in computer science. In his more than 20-year career, he has been working as department head for enterprise security consulting at Unisys and as a sales specialist and sales manager at Microsoft.

Adam Cole

Adam Cole

Business Development Manager
Contact person for United Kingdom

Adam Cole is a business development executive who enjoys building partnerships, understanding partners’ biggest challenges, shaping their strategic vision and delivering value through Zuhlke’s many solution offerings. An honest, passionate team player who always puts the client first and is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to build meaningful solutions that make a real difference.  


William Dew

Managing Director Business Development
Contact person for Singapore

William Dew leads Business Development for Zühlke in Singapore. He has over 20 years of experience working with diverse organisations across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to solve complex business and technology challenges. Prior to joining Zühlke, William was the founder and CEO of a PropTech business in Hong Kong and has held various APAC leadership roles within companies in the FinTech and Communications industries.


Connie Yeung

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Hong Kong

Connie oversees the Insurance and other key business verticals in Hong Kong. She has over 10 years of experience working in both Finance and IT industry, supporting a wide range of organisations including Fortune 500 clients. With that, she has gained extensive insight into how enterprises can create better business outcomes with digital innovation. Connie is also active in foundations supporting initiatives on women leadership and women in IT.