Transform your banking experience with Zühlke's innovative mobile first approach

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In today's fast-paced landscape, banks face fierce competition from disruptive newcomers while striving to meet and exceed the ever-growing demands of customers. It's crucial therefore to reimagine how you design, implement, and orchestrate mobile experiences to stay ahead and meet changing customer needs.

Mobile first approach to banking

Discover the power of a mobile first approach with our comprehensive support in strategy, design, implementation, and ongoing management. We’ll help you unlock the full potential of your mobile banking experience, from concept to operation, so you can provide your customers with an exceptional and seamless journey.

With our expertise, we ensure that every aspect of your mobile banking service is optimised for mobile devices.

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Discover the power of our flexible mobile first solution which prioritises customer-centric design, hyper-personalisation, robust security, and intelligent data application as the ultimate keys to success.

two mobile phones showing the investment app of HSBC

Revolutionising the mobile investing experience for HSBC

Learn how the Zühlke team led the research and design of HSBC UK’s cutting-edge mobile investment product which led to 64% of customers choosing the new mobile journey as their preferred channel to start investing.

Vontobel app on three mobile screens

Volt app sets a new standard for asset management

Discover how we created a revolutionary asset management app with streamlined onboarding, intuitive interface, and personalised information customised to each client’s investment strategy and interests.

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The importance of good mobile app architecture

One of the key factors for creating a successful app is having a robust mobile architecture that empowers the desired functionality while remaining adaptable for future development. Gain insights on why mobile architecture needs to be viewed it as a separate entity from system architecture, and how to evaluate the effectiveness and scalability of your mobile app architecture in this recent article.

Mobile banking live demo

Join us for an informal chat and deep dive into the world of mobile trends in international banking where we’ll showcase, through a live demo of Zühlke’s mobile solution, how customer-centric user journeys, powered by data and AI become a differentiating factor in a multichannel strategy.

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Marc Faeh
Contact person for Switzerland

Marc Faeh

Senior Business Solution Manager

Marc Faeh is Senior Business Solution Manager and joined Zuhlke in March 2020. He supports customers in increasing customer loyalty and efficiency through ideas and solutions in the portal and collaboration environment. After an apprenticeship in banking and studies in Business Information Systems, Marc worked six years as a management consultant for a leading global IT services company. His focus was on transformation and business architecture projects in various industries (Telco, Banking, Travel, Card Issuing and Pharma). He then worked for 11 years on customer side as a project manager in the retail industry leading complex business and systems projects in the POS, commerce and payment area.

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