Optimize and grow with data and AI

Solve complex challenges and create new opportunities with data and artificial intelligence technologies.

Complex challenges call for cutting-edge solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows us to tackle some of the biggest challenges of our time, from the climate crisis to global healthcare.

Whatever the scale and impact of your organization’s challenges, AI solutions and data technologies can solve your toughest problems and unlock competitive advantage.

Machine learning (ML) technologies such as computer vision, natural language processing, time series methods, and reinforcement learning enable you to make better decisions, optimize processes, and innovate new products and services.

Our team of data consultants, data scientists, and data engineers has more than 15 years of experience building and running AI solutions across multiple industries – from healthcare, banking, and insurance, to manufacturing, transportation, retail, and the public sector.

Together, let’s start your data and AI journey.

Lead disruptive change with AI solutions and data infrastructure

Machine learning

Build cutting-edge, secure, and robust AI solutions in a principled and responsible way – from vision to large-scale deployment.

Data platforms & engineering

Create a data platform and the foundations you need to make data accessible and develop and operate production-grade data and AI solutions.

Data-driven business transformation

Become a data-driven organization at a strategic and technical level. Systematically capture value from data to gain competitive advantage.

Data ecosystems

Create a data ecosystem that guarantees accurate, timely, and complete data. Ensure seamless data flow between teams, departments, and other organizations for shared decision making and efficiency gains.

Machine learning

From ideation to prototyping,  build and operation, we support you on every step of the journey.

Our data scientists, data consultants, and data engineers translate your strategic goals and business needs into machine learning solutions that create measurable and lasting value.

  • Identify valuable machine learning use cases.
  • Develop, evaluate, and operationalize your ML algorithms.
  • Architect and implement production-grade ML infrastructure.
  • Establish MLOps capabilities and processes to continually develop, operate, and extend your AI solutions.
  • Ensure responsible and ethical use of AI solutions.

Data platforms & engineering

Our data platform architects and engineers design and build reliable, scalable data platforms tailored to your organization’s needs. We architect data storage solutions and data pipelines to reliably run reporting, self-service business intelligence, and support custom ML solutions.

  • Identify functional and non-functional requirements to design your data platform architecture.
  • Implement and scale your production-grade data platform and data pipelines.
  • Operate and maintain your data platform with site reliability engineering practices.
  • Establish data governance, compliance, and security.

Data-driven business transformation

Together, we create a data transformation strategy aligned with your business strategy and your analytical needs. We identify high-value use cases and establish the right foundations to create ongoing value.

Our data consultants combine business and technical expertise to deliver valuable and feasible solutions.

  • Clarify and define your data vision, strategic goals, and priority use cases.
  • Assess your data maturity as the starting point of your data journey.
  • Implement the data governance and organizational structures you need to bring to life state-of-the-art concepts such as data mesh.

Data ecosystems

Data-driven change starts with the right data ecosystem, whether you’re a government department, regulator, or service provider in healthcare or financial services.

Effective data flow and governance across your organization and those you work with is essential for knowledge share and systemic efficiency gains.

  • Ensure your data ecosystem is built on a shared understanding of the value, behaviors, and outcomes you want to achieve.
  • Make accurate and impartial data available in real-time for effective and collaborative decision making and action.
  • Create shared parameters, tooling, and techniques for working with data across your ecosystem. 

Define governance and the rules of engagement between organizations to ensure transparency and trust.

mobile phone with analysis

first direct harnesses AI for autonomous banking

first direct needed to close the gap with its challenger bank competitors. Discover how the bank combined AI, automation, and machine learning to lead disruptive change and transform value delivery for a new generation of mobile customers.

A principled and proven approach

Benefit from our principled and proven approach to data-led value creation – built on a foundation of ethical practice.

Focused on value delivery

Gaining real competitive advantage from data and AI technologies requires business acumen, technical expertise, and customer centricity. Our teams combine these key capabilities to create measurable value for your business.

Principled and ethical

Every AI application is at risk of decision-making bias. This bias can lead to harmful outcomes for you and the people impacted by your decisions, services, and products. With 15 years’ experience in principled data science and data engineering, we ensure your data and AI solutions are ethical, transparent, and safe.


A key data and AI challenge is transforming prototypes into reliable, production-grade solutions. Our decades of experience,  frameworks, and best practices ensure your solutions are reliable, secure, and scalable.


Benefit from our experience developing data and AI solutions in regulated environments such as healthcare. Solve complex problems while meeting the highest standards in compliance and classification.

Benefit from our unique data and AI expertise

Prime your data transformation for success with Zühlke. We have 15 years’ experience in developing pioneering data and AI solutions.

  • 150 data and AI experts worldwide

  • 15+ years of successful project delivery

  • 10 industries served via our data and AI offering

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The Zühlke advantage

Gain an unfair advantage with Zühlke. We’ve delivered 10,000+ successful digital innovation projects worldwide.

Global reach
Global reach, local presence
World-class services
Committed to sustainability
Data driven
Data-driven innovation

Global reach, local presence

Our 1,800 employees around the world work as one global knowledge network. We support you locally out of 17 offices in 10 countries.

World-class services

We’ve delivered 10,000+ software and product development projects across multiple industries. Our services are ISO accredited for their quality and efficiency.

Committed to sustainability

We prioritize sustainability throughout our projects, corporate culture, and operations.

Data-driven innovation

Data fuels innovation. That’s why we put data at the heart of everything we do.

Federated Learning Pharma

AI and federated learning transforms medical data privacy

Non-profit medical organization AO Foundation partnered with Zühlke to co-develop a semantic segmentation solution to help improve the care of patients while ensuring data privacy.

Philipp Morf
Contact person for Switzerland

Philipp Morf

Head AI & Data Practice

Dr. Philipp Morf holds a doctorate in engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and holds the position head of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Solutions division at Zühlke since 2015. As Director of the AI Solutions Centre, he designs effective AI/ML applications and is a sought-after speaker on AI topics in the area of applications and application trends. With his many years of experience as a consultant in innovation management, he bridges the gap between business, technology and the people who use AI.

Daniel Klein
Contact person for United Kingdom

Daniel Klein

Head of Data and AI

Dan has a great passion for data and leads Zühlke Engineering’s data practice. Throughout his data driven career, Dan provides stakeholders with reliable advice and has helped plan enterprise data transformation programs and led delivery teams. An engineer by training, Dan bridges the gap between the boardroom and teams working at the coalface and couples his strategic thinking with his commitment to data and years of experience.

Director Customer Solutions
Contact person for Germany

William Cobbah

Director Customer Solutions
Barbara Hotwagner
Contact person for Austria

Barbara Hotwagner

Managing Director Technology

Barbara Hotwagner joined Zühlke in 2019 as Head of Competence Unit, responsible for growing high performance software delivery teams. Before that, she worked at Microsoft, Oracle and SAS, and has over 20 years of in-depth knowledge of the IT industry. As a member of the Technology Steering Group of the Green Energy Lab, she is highly committed to a sustainable future.

Steve Nunez
Contact person for Singapore

Steve Nunez

Head of Data & AI

Steve Nunez is the Head of Data & Artificial Intelligence at Zühlke Asia. Beginning his career at the NASA Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Kennedy Space Centre, Steve has more than 25 years of experience in leading AI and data science teams. In his role, he advises senior executives on the practical application of artificial intelligence to business, AI strategy, and transformation to data-driven organisations.

Prior to Zühlke, Steve led the professional services and technical pre-sales teams for a big data vendor providing intelligent solutions in the finance, insurance and government sectors.

Zühlke Luca Cacchiani
Contact person for Hong Kong

Luca Cacchiani

Business Solution Manager

Luca has extensive experience in IT for over 13 years, holding both technical and management positions in large consulting organisations in both London and Hong Kong, focusing on highly technical solutions for the financial, utility, transport and logistics industry. Luca led large digital transformation projects that brought significant impact in company revenue and product revitalisation, reducing production costs across different areas. He studied Computer Science and holds a Master's degree in Informatics Systems and an MBA in Finance from LBS.