The next big task

One of the first big transitions charging towards us is the switch towards zero emission transport and the growth in numbers of electric vehicles. This provides the urgency behind redesigning and rebuilding national electricity systems, which will also need to cope with the electrification of heat, which is following on fast behind.

Zuhlke's role in our changing energy system

Zuhlke believe that data and digital are fundamental to all organisations involved in the design, build and operation of a decarbonised energy system.

We safely extract data from operational technology systems and make it useable and useful together with other types of data, in order to inspire new business models and services.

Getting practical

Yet life is not straight forwards for regulated industries. Politicians are under pressure to both accelerate decarbonisation and also to keep energy bills for citizens as low as possible. This causes a conflict, energy companies are expected to invest in change, without being able to increase their prices to consumers.

Our services are designed to help mitigate this conflict. We work with organisations to design and build new data driven digital services. We help organisations change quickly, using incremental delivery methods to govern and assure commercial viability.

The energy industry is stocked full of very capable engineers who keep critical national infrastructure running smoothly night and day. We expect the energy industry to be rightly cautious about working with digital suppliers, both product and services companies.

The digital industry can pump out a huge volume of great content about the wonders of different technologies or delivery practices and sometimes this information can be contradictory. For this reason we find that we are more useful, when we are helping guide people within the energy industry through the strengths, weaknesses and factors which drive the costs of the many different choices that are available.

  • Jonathan Cook Zühlke

    Jonathan Cook

    Director Business Development


    Jonathan Cook has 25 years' experience working for systems integrators, telecommunications, and engineering companies. He has pioneered better ways of providing engineering services, including Agile delivery, Lean user experience, and data science and data engineering. With a focus on practical innovation, he has a track record helping to implement new business models to decarbonise the energy and transport sectors.