EV Infrastructure Investment App

Data for Electric Vehicles

Zuhlke has been awarded R&D funding to develop the first stage of its new Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Investor App by the government body UKRI, as part of its £102.5 million Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme.

Our scope

With the sale of new petrol cars banned by 2030, the UK needs investment in both generation capacity and, particularly, distribution to meet the increased demand for electricity this will bring.

Our application is for commercial investors in electric vehicle energy infrastructure who need up-to-date understanding of current and planned initiatives and the energy system as it changes in accordance with achieving the UK’s net-zero goals.

The EV Infrastructure Investor app is a collaborative, cloud-based, curated modelling environment with open-source aspects and also free-to-use and additional paid premium information/features that cuts through the complexity of acquiring the core knowledge that is inherently held by the technical leadership within distribution network operators of:

  • data sources
  • models
  • initiatives
  • recommended practice

The app will provide curated access to core standards compliant data and models, with a facility to build run-time simulations of investment models as a foundation for investors to elaborate more sophisticated investment models and intellectual property.

Our application will launch initially in Scotland, before rolling out nationally.  We are supported by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and our technology partner AWS.

Who are we talking to?

We are undertaking user research with electricity industry Distribution Network Operators, government Local Authorities and investors in electric vehicle infrastructure (charge points, generation capacity and batteries).

Please contact us at engage.uk@zuhlke.com if your organisation is interested in participating in user research so that we can design an application that works better for you.

Why are Zuhlke involved in this programme?

Zuhlke are supportive of the goals of the Energy Data Taskforce in enabling the use of data to accelerate unlocking the opportunities of a modern decarbonised and decentralised energy system.

We help organisations leverage Operational Technology data, to achieve more.

Many of our people have been involved over the last few years in helping organisations undertake data led digital transformation in pursuit of national decarbonisation goals. We cut through complexity and help organisations transform fast and efficiently.

We continue to provide those services via:

  • Utilities Industry: we are validated by Achilles as supplier to the UVDB Community (Achilles ID 00032109) to help design and implement digitalisation strategies. Ask us about Economic Architecture.
  • Public Sector: find us on Digital Marketplace to deliver in accordance with the government service manual. Ask us about implementing the National Data Strategy.

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Jonathan Cook Zühlke

Jonathan Cook

Director Business Development
Contact person for United Kingdom

Jonathan Cook has 25 years experience working for systems integrators, telecommunications and engineering companies. He has pioneered better ways of providing engineering services, including Agile delivery, Lean User Experience and Data Science and Data Engineering. With a focus on practical innovation, he has a track record helping to implement new business models to decarbonise the energy and transport sectors.