& Zühlke: your shortcut to an industrial ecosystem

Unplanned stoppages, poor material availability, servicing, set-up times, wastage, speed reductions, start-up losses – somewhere in your production department there are some big efficiency gains waiting to be found.
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But unearthing these gains takes data and algorithms. You need your own digital industrial ecosystem. Learn about the quickest route to setting one up in our on-demand webcast.

The road to your own digital industrial ecosystem is not easy. It involves billions of pieces of data extracted from a range of different systems, from a wide variety of sensors, in different formats and of variable quality. 

The upshot is that lots of businesses get no further than pilot projects and POCs. Few go the extra mile to establish their own digital industrial ecosystem.

What if we could offer you a shortcut to your very own digital industrial ecosystem? and Zühlke are bringing together their expertise to offer you a simple pathway to processing, storing, querying and analysing your data in real time.

We have successfully helped manufacturers:

  • increase their overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by minimising downtime, optimising set-up times and reducing product faults
  • increase the proportion of product delivered on time
  • reduce inventories
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Exactly how it works is something you can learn all about in a joint webcast by Zühlke, and Microsoft.

The road to setting up your own digital industrial ecosystem is far from simple, especially for companies with multiple locations and lots of plant. The main stumbling block is high levels of data heterogeneity. And that’s where’s revolutionary Crate.DB database system comes in. For large data volumes, it’s not just significantly faster than competitor products, it also features:

  • easy scalability: easily scalable for more data and users
  • SQL for machine data: ANSI SQL with elegant JSON support, full text search and dynamic schemas
  • industrial time series database: optimised for industrial real-time data volumes
  • IoT interfaces: simple IoT integration via Azure IoT Hub, Telegraf and other tools

Zühlke has been helping businesses get started with industrial digital ecosystems for many years. Thanks to our unique interdisciplinary expertise, we support businesses all the way from the initial idea to development of new, data-based business models. Using agile DevOps practices, we start small, but always keep our eye on the bigger picture. This means you enjoy genuine added value very quickly while your production department is gradually integrated into your digital industrial ecosystem. 

In a joint webcast by Zühlke, and Microsoft you find out more about the shortest pathway to your own digital industrial ecosystem, and about what makes the combination of and Zühlke so unique.

About is a company of passionate, experienced developers who’ve crafted a bold and clever database for the fast, data intensive world, making speed and scalability super simple, open, and accessible — a solution that’s built to be sustainable for all.

About Zühlke:

We believe that innovation and technology are a positive force of change for business and society. We support our clients to envision and create a sustainable future. 
Zühlke is a global innovation service provider. We envisage ideas and create new business models for our clients by developing services and products based on new technologies – from the initial vision through development to deployment, production and operation. 
Zühlke draws on the experience of more than 10,000 software and product development projects and supports customers in a wide range of industries.

Zühlke Gerald Brose
Contact person for Germany

Gerald Brose

Executive Director Business Development

Gerald Brose is Director Business Development at the Zühlke Group. An Economics graduate, he is responsible for business development in Germany for the industrial sector with a focus on plant and mechanical engineering. Before joining Zühlke, he worked as a consultant and key account manager in IT outsourcing. In addition to the overarching theme of digitalisation, Gerald is currently focused on IP ownership in product innovation, monetisation of data science use cases, and customer experience.

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Andreas Pfleger
Contact person for Austria

Andreas Pfleger

Head of Market Unit Industry & Consumer Products

Andreas Pfleger combines his knowledge of industry and IT to ensure solution-oriented business development in the manufacturing and machinery sectors. He is Zühlke Austria’s Head of Industry and Consumer Products. Motivated by a passion for industrial digital transformation, he focuses his efforts on driving the potential of Austrian industry forward. As a senior project manager, he has managed national and international onsite, nearshore, and offshore software development projects in various sectors.

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