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We are a team with diverse backgrounds and expertise that is passionate about shaping the future by leading innovation projects to success for clients across industries. Whether their strategic goal is business optimization, market expansion, or transformation, we ensure that their digitalization program adds value to their business and their customers. Grow with us on exciting projects and develop your skills as an expert or leader in consulting!


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How we collaborate

When we are not at the customers, we work in our offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover Munich and Stuttgart or make use of remote working options. We love transforming complex requirements into smart, digital solutions and business models for our clients across a wide range of industries. We rely on team work and agile collaboration to break new grounds and empower ourselves to develop the skills we need to make an impact - both personally and for our customers. We appreciate the exchange at eye level in a network of highly qualified colleagues and the flexibility to balance private and professional life.

ZDE EB Collaboration
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Our expertise

Whether in the field of data analytics, IoT or sustainability - we develop tailored solutions for our clients and advise them with our expertise in the digitalization of products, services and processes. With our skills and experience in consulting, we identify new approaches and help our clients to make decisions on strategic and technical issues. We work closely with their decision-makers and product managers to develop new business models, which we then help to implement in digitalization projects as part of an interdisciplinary team.

Our meaningful work

When you become a part of us, you will work on projects with significant impact on environment, society and individuals. Whether in healthcare, financial services or cloud and data - you will create revolutionary products and processes - like the following:

  • Our teams supported the development and launch of the NHS Covid-19 app for the UK within 12 weeks, helping to prevent up to 600,000 infections and accelerate medical app innovation.
  • We supported our customer CM1 in contributing to smart cities by creating a sensor-based beacon that enables automated road construction checks and congestion forecasts in the cloud.
  • We helped Chugai, a pharmaceutical company offering innovative therapies in the fields of rheumatology, oncology and hemophilia, launching new digital services in Europe by developing specific options for digital business models and technologies.
the NHS Covid-19 app on a mobile screen in the hands of a person

Your benefits at Zühlke

Personal development is embedded in our culture and is an important factor in our continued business success. We firmly believe in developing our skills "on the job" and by learning from a network of highly qualified colleagues. Our diverse projects provide us with many opportunities to do so. In addition, we make advantage of coaching and mentoring and offer a range of complementary training measures that can be used as needed.



In addition to your annual salary, you’ll receive a profit share defined by the company’s success in the previous year.  

Diversity and inclusion characterize our unique culture and are reflected in our ability to innovate. We love working together at Zühlke - across countries, continents, oceans and cultural differences. For you, this means that you can share your knowledge and learn from experts with different know-how and individual perspectives.

The well-being of our employees is close to our hearts. We actively support the mental health of our colleagues by creating a safe space for internal exchange and by bringing in experts to give presentations on current key topics.

Experience Zühlke's unique work culture at our diverse events, including annual team and learning camps or social events like skiing or sailing.

We offer a family-friendly workplace, flexible working hours, the possibility to work from home and an above-average childcare allowance. You also benefit from our cooperation with PME Family Service, which assists with finding and arranging services that help you strike a balance between professional and private life.

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