Writing Good Tests with JUnit


Get to grips with JUnit: after this course, you’ll be able to write simple, efficient tests that are easy to understand and maintain.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Plenty of practical exercises
  • The key testing tools
  • Tips and tricks for efficient tests

Course Duration

2 days

Course Overview

You will learn skills like adjusting untested legacy code so that it can be tested; this reduces the risk of undesirable changes when you add new features.

Course Topics

  • Writing meaningful and easy-to-understand tests
  • Writing code that is easy to test
  • Using expressive assertions with Hamcrest and AssertJ
  • Testing classes with dependencies using Mockito mocks and stubs
  • Checking test cases with code coverage in the IDE
  • The latest features of JUnit 5
  • Numerous practical exercises on all topics covered

Target Groups

Developers with practical experience who are familiar with Java and an IDE.

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