Team Topologies Masterclass

Based on the book by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais, "Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow", this masterclass guides attendees through many different aspects of modern organization design for software delivery.

Key aspects covered in this workshop include:

  • What are the constraints on software architecture and quality imposed by Conway’s Law and how we can turn these into a strategic advantage
  • What are the implications and benefits of taking a team-first approach to organization design, rather than a piecemeal approach driven by the latest hype
  • What are the expected capabilities in a cross-functional product or service team to allow for end-to-end ownership and how to balance that with max team size
  • How to choose team topologies to accelerate and sustain safe, high-speed software delivery: stream-aligned, enabling, platform and complex subsystem
  • How to simplify and enhance communication patterns between teams, clarifying each team’s purposes, responsibilities and expected behaviors
  • How to continuously evolve team structures and interactions depending on internal and external stimuli (such as tech adoption or customer feedback)

This masterclass provides an immersive experience, with a balanced set of lectures, case studies, and exercises in small groups.

Learn directly from Manuel Pais, one of the authors of Team Topologies. For more information see Beyond the Spotify Model: using Team Topologies for fast Flow and Organisation Evolution and Product Teams Need a Family Too! and Monoliths vs Microservices is Missing the Point - Start with Team Cognitive Load.


Turn the design of your organization into a strategic advantage through the Team Topologies approach of team-first interactions, homomorphic mirroring, and high-fidelity sensing & feedback loops.


Structured, practical techniques for effective organization design based on team-first socio-technical principles, Conway’s Law, well-defined team APIs, and Cybernetic sensing & control.


This masterclass is for CTO/CIO and other leaders, Head of Department, software architects, systems architects, managers, team leaders and engineers.


Attendees should bring a pen or pencil plus details of some software systems familiar to them. No laptops will be used or needed.

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