Team Kanban Kickstart


Looking for better cooperation and continuous improvement of added value? A smooth transition to more agility? Start with Kanban in your team!

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Kanban principles and practices
  • Board and ticket design
  • Kanban Meetings

Course duration

1 day

Course overview

Kanban is a method that makes the workflow of elusive knowledge work visible and provides continuous impulses for improvement. 

A Kanban system is therefore much more than just a wall full of notes or a to-do list. It lays the foundation for better cooperation and enables targeted improvement in value creation. With the evolutionary approach to change, Kanban also enables a smooth transition to more agility.

In the course, you will gain a basic understanding of the Kanban method, experience Kanban in a simulation and design a first Kanban system for your team. 

Our experienced coaches enrich your experience with practical tips for actual projects and provide a first outlook on the scaling of Kanban systems.

Course content

  • Kanban principles and practices
  • Board and ticket design
  • WIP limit
  • service classes
  • Kanban Meetings
  • stream metrics 
  • Continuous improvement
  • Procedure for introduction
  • Outlook: Scaling Kanban


Participants gain a basic understanding of the Kanban method and have developed a first Kanban system for their team by the end of the course. 

Target group

Everyone who wants to gain a first understanding of Kanban. Team leaders or entire teams who want to introduce Kanban to their team. 

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