Requirements in agile Software Development


Agile requirements techniques and principles – from needs to the mature product. What requirement artifacts are necessary and how much documentation do you need?

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Product development instead of project thinking
  • Card Conversation Confirmation
  • Requirements in the Product Backlog

Course duration

2 days

Course overview

Agile software teams produce deliverables in short development cycles, continuously adapt planned functionality, measure their delivery speed and can forecast daily what will be finished in time for the release. Requirements play a key role in this process.

Working closely with stakeholders, agile teams strive to produce the best possible software. In agile teams, the boundaries between disciplines such as business analysis, requirements management, user experience design, development and testing are much more fluid. Consequently, there is a need for agile techniques and new conceptual models for dealing with requirements.

Course participants will learn about contemporary agile requirements techniques – from user story mapping, scenarios and storyboards to product vision boxes – and the interplay between them. We will discuss typical challenges, such as the dealing with product documentation, quality requirements and agility in non-agile organisations. Considerable emphasis is placed on the practical side and experience sharing; a large part of the course time is dedicated to this.


Course participants will learn techniques and conceptual models for structured requirements processing in agile development teams. They will plan their activities at the iteration, release and product levels over the entire process from needs to minimum viable product to mature software.

Target group

The course is aimed at people who are already involved in software development and can bring relevant experience to the table. Participants should have some theoretical grounding in agile software development and requirements engineering.

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