Medical UX


Get familiar with usability engineering for medical devices and software: with theory, key standards and practical exercises, you will learn how to keep the focus on users during the development process.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • UX and UE basics
  • Relevant standards (IEC 62366-1:2015 and IEC 62366-2:2016)
  • Practical usability engineering activities

Course duration

1 day

Course overview

  • Usability is particularly important in medical technology. The prescribed IEC 62366 standard ensures that medical devices and SaMD (software as a medical device) can be operated safely and efficiently. UX can complement and extend the prescribed usability engineering process.
  • The basics of medical usability engineering:  in the theory part of the course, you will learn about the relevant guidelines and understand what to look out for in documentation. You will also learn how to work with an agile maturity model instead of the waterfall model.
  • Focus on practice: numerous practical exercises complement the theory and go into greater detail. We run through the usability engineering process using typical hands-on methods – from user needs and scenarios to task analysis.
  • Knowledge transfer to your project: during the course, there will be numerous opportunities to reflect on what you have learned as it relates to your company.

Course goal

After the course, you will understand and use the standards IEC 62366-1:2015 and IEC 62366-2:2016. Through practice, you will learn how to apply usability engineering and user experience design in the development process of medical technology with a structured and iterative approach.

Target group

  • SMEs, start-ups from the medical technology sector seeking industry-specific UX skills
  • A technical background and/or experience in product development, and a basic understanding of UX are helpful.

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