Hands-on Product Innovation


Using creative methods to generate ideas for hardware and software products and digital services. Successfully implementing promising ideas.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Different product innovation methods
  • Creativity techniques for idea generation
  • Development of the product idea story

Course Duration

1 day

Course Overview

No business can progress without innovation. But how do you generate new ideas and how do you then put these ideas into practice in your products. That’s the question this workshop will seek to address. The focus will be on innovation in the hardware, software and digital services fields.

Participants will be taught how to manage and model innovation processes so that they achieve their aims. They will also learn about techniques for generating ideas and how to select and test these ideas. The focus is always on the needs of customers.

Because the course places a strong emphasis on directly experiencing the innovation process, detailed practical examples will be used to enable participants to put what they have learnt into practice. The course will provide participants with the opportunity to experience these techniques for themselves and gain a sense of the opportunities presented by, as well as the limitations of, the individual techniques.


Participants will become confident in choosing methods for generating and selecting ideas and in presenting product ideas. They will learn a range of different product innovation techniques, the efficacy of which they will be able to experience for themselves through example exercises, enabling them to then incorporate them into their own business practice.

Target group

The course is aimed at people who are responsible for product innovation within their company, be it for hardware, software or digital services. It is also aimed at people who are facing the challenge of moving into new product areas and markets.

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