Get started with Kubernetes


Our interactive hands-on training conveys fundamentals of Kubernetes and enables you to deploy your own containerized applications.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Fundamentals of Kubernetes
  • Core concepts like pods, deployments, and services 
  • Application deployments and observability

Course Duration

2 days

Course Overview

Kubernetes is a de facto standard in container orchestration. In the course, you will practise the entire software delivery lifecycle using a real example, from definition through to operation. This is a hands-on training. Exercises can be conducted on the participants notebook and requires a local Kubernetes environment.  

The course explores the following topics: 

  • Understanding the fundamentals including the cluster architecture
  • Learning when and how to utilise the benefits of container orchestration
  • Conducting deployments and using services 
  • Establishing observability for logs and monitoring 
  • In addition: best practices from real life projects, outlook of managed Kubernetes services for the public cloud and giving an overview of industry certifications

Course Goal

After the course, you will understand Kubernetes core concepts and utilize the benefits of container orchestration as well as deploying your own container workloads.

Target Groups

The course is designed for developers or people in the field of architecture who have already gained some practical experience. Basic container skills are highly recommended for this course.

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