Figma 03: Integrated design and development process

Get to know all the exciting possibilities to bridge the gap between design tools and re-al code. We will explore automation, best practices and more.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Integrated design and development process
  • Automating Figma
  • Harness Figma's full potential

Course duration

1 day

Course objectives

Learn how to ...

... use design tokens to automate handover.
... use diverse ways to communicate a design system to a team or company.
... build your own plugins and Figma widgets.

Course overview

The aim of this module is to make the handover process between designers and developers more efficient and less error-prone. We’ll achieve this by out-of-the-box tools such as design tokens and by enabling you to automate your workflows and processes with Figma extensions.

This course is the third of three modules of the "Figma – from zero to hero" program. The module can be booked individually or in a bundle for a discounted price. Get more information here.

The course is split into the following chapters:

  • Chapter 9: Integrated design and development process

    • Design tokens
    • Handoff approaches
    • Figma➡️Storybook
  • Chapter 10: Automating Figma

    • ‘Macros’ for Figma
    • Building your own widgets
    • Boost automated testing

Target group

This module is designed for front-end developers and design leads who want to improve and automate their product development process.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of UI design and software development.

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