Data-driven Companies Executive Seminar: Creating business value from Data & AI

The global potential value derived from data and AI across industries is significant. There has never been a better time to create business value from your data. This seminar will equip you with the necessary foundational knowledge and practical insights.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • how to create value from data an AI
  • success factors needed to realise your company's full potential
  • avoiding typical pitfalls

Course duration

5 hours, on-site or remote

Course overview

You will learn:

  • How data and AI can create value and what use cases to pursue first
  • Which key topics and success factors need to be addressed in your company to realise its full potential
  • How to transform your organisation to succeed with data and AI and how to avoid typical pitfalls

Learn from our broad experience. We will cover key concepts in lecture modules, conduct case studies and lead guided discussions considering your organization’s open challenges. You will receive an in-depth introduction to our holistic methodology for becoming a data-driven company.

Course goals

We will identify key components and success factors of data-driven companies. You will gain comprehensive and practical knowledge of the interplay of development processes within your organization and the technological foundations required to use data continuously and sustainably to create value.

Target group

C-Level leaders and decision-makers from all industries.
The training is best suited for individuals and small groups within your company.


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