Container Fundamentals


Kickstart your container journey and learn about developing and running containerised applications to take advantage of portable applications.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Basic concepts of containers
  • Hands-on experience in Docker
  • Developing and running containerised applications 

Course Duration

1 day

Course Overview

The course explores the following topics: 

  • Fundamentals: architecture, container runtimes & lifecycle 
  • Practical labs in Docker to gain experience with the most important Docker commands 
  • Utilising the benefits of Docker Compose to run multiple containers in a convenient manner
  • Containerising existing applications while adhering to best practices for building Docker image and security guidelines
  • Preparation for the utilisation of container orchestration like Kubernetes

This is a hands-on training course. Exercises can be conducted on the participants’ own laptop and requires a local Docker environment.  

Course Goal

You will understand the basic concepts of containers without having prior experience. After completing this training, you will be able to containerise your applications and run them within a container environment like Docker. 

Target Groups

The course is designed for developers who are new to containers and want to gain the basic knowledge and understanding required to develop containerised applications.

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