Cloud enablement program

Empower your team to develop secure containerized applications for the cloud.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Learn what it means to adopt a DevOps mindset and culture.

  • Learn container fundamentals with security best practices and gain hands-on experience with Kubernetes.

  • Take full advantage of our expertise in specific technologies (e.g., Kafka) for a fast adaption in your teams.

This is what the training looks like in detail:

the structure of the cloud enablement course in detail

Get your cloud journey to the ground with our modular cloud enablement program

Top-management decided to embark on the journey to the cloud. Several challenges come along with moving your application to the cloud:

  • Operational continuity needs to be guaranteed while moving to the cloud
  • The resources required for the cloud move conflict with a backlog full of high-priority change and feature requests, as well as with operational topics
  • Your application needs to be rearchitected or refactored to leverage cloud benefits
  • Your team is skilled in software engineering and on-premise operations, but it lacks cloud engineering skills

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The cloud enablement program is composed of following trainings:

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Jürg Borter

Chief of Cloud

Jürg Borter is Chief of Cloud and thus responsible for everything on offer around the "Journey to the Cloud". He is fascinated by the daily growing innovation potential of Cloud and the resulting opportunities for companies. As an IT engineer, he can draw on several years of experience in large software implementation projects.

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