Clean Code Workshop C++


Write legible and comprehensible code. Recognise bad code and refactor it step-by-step.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Numerous practical exercises
  • Working through tasks in your own IDEs
  • Create a culture of quality and collective code improvement

Course Duration

2 days

Course Overview

Clean code allows software to be continually adapted to new requirements. Although most developers know what clean code should look like, how to specifically recognise bad code and, step-by-step, convert it into good code is often less clear.

The course takes the form of a workshop with numerous practical exercises and involves working together in two-man teams. To facilitate transferral of what they have learnt to their everyday work, participants work through tasks in their own IDEs.

The focus is less about conveying knowledge and more about working through the topic together in order to create a culture in which code quality and collective code improvement are natural, everyday issues.

Course topics

  • Code smells: More than 25 different smells, intra-class and inter-class
  • Strategies and tactics for refactorisation
  • Using automated IDE-mediated refactorings
  • Principles of clean code: broken windows theory, DRY, KISS, YAGNI, the boy scout rule
  • Clear, specific names Necessary and superfluous comments
  • Numerous practical exercises


Participants will develop a shared understanding of how to recognise bad code and how it can be restructured into better code. They will learn to see their own code through the eyes of another developer and thus how to make it more readable and comprehensible.

Target group

The course is aimed at developers who already have some practical development experience.
Participants are expected to be versed in the language, the IDE and standard unit testing frameworks.

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