Certified Ethical Hacker

CEH offers a comprehensive grasp of ethical hacking, the various attack vectors and preventive countermeasures. You will learn how hackers think and act so that you are better positioned to build your own security infrastructure and ward off future attacks. Understanding system weaknesses and vulnerabilities allows organisations to strengthen their security measures and minimise the risk of incidents.

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CEH has been designed to examine all domains and methodologies of ethical hacking in detail and ensure that all participants get to apply this knowledge in practice in a dedicated, hands-on lab environment. Participants audit a system for weaknesses and vulnerabilities using the same tools and exploits as malicious hackers but in compliance with legal provisions and in the interest of assessing the security posture of a target system and organisation as effectively as possible. They learn how hackers think and act maliciously so that they can better position their own organisation’s security infrastructure and defend against future attacks. Participants also learn how to independently plan and execute penetration testing.

During this five-day intensive course, participants gain a new mindset regarding the obligations and measures necessary for ensuring an organisation’s security.

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Target group

  • Expert system administrators
  • Expert network administrators/engineers
  • Information security analysts/specialists/professionals
  • Information security/IT auditors
  • Risk/threat/vulnerability analysts


Fundamental, high level of understanding of IT/network technologies

Training content

The training offers a comprehensive insight into all domains of ethical hacking. In particular, the topics covered include: introduction to ethical hacking, footprinting and reconnaissance, scanning networks, enumeration, vulnerability analysis, system hacking, malware threats, sniffing, social engineering, denial-of-service, session hijacking, evading IDS, firewalls and honeypots, hacking web servers, hacking web applications, SQL injection, hacking wireless networks, hacking mobile platforms, IoT and OT hacking, cloud computing, cryptography

Additional information can be found in the course description linked below. 

Further information

The five course days are spread over two weeks so that participants can deepen their knowledge and put it into practice in a lab in the interim. This improves knowledge retention and ensures that participants are better prepared for the certification exam. 

The course documents are available in English and exclusively in electronic format.

The lab environment can be accessed from anywhere and is available to participants for six months. 

The four-hour certification exam is offered on a separate date after the course.

The price excludes VAT, but includes training documents, lab access and the certification voucher as well as lunch and refreshments during the course. The online course is offered at a discount of CHF 500. Any organisation wishing to register more than one participant per course should enquire about our discounts.

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