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When new work models create new opportunities

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For Advanced Software Engineer Hristina Stoyanova from Zühlke’s Bulgarian office, everyday happiness depends on building a bridge between her work, her interests, and her family time.

Home is where your heart beats

Hristina has always wanted to live close to her hometown Dobrič that’s situated right by the Black Sea while also working for an international company. Soon, this dream might be coming true. “I’ve just been told that there might be an opportunity for me to live closer to family while working for Zühlke,” Hristina shares excitedly. “Having lunch with my grandma, taking my dog Max for walks to the beach, and seeing family and friends more often is the best mood-booster and source of motivation for me.”

Testing a new work model

Due to the recent pandemic, Hristina has spent most of her time working from home. “It has been a challenge to maintain a connection to the team and kick off new projects. But we all focused on trying to maintain good communication, prepare in advance, and be patient.” All this effort allowed Hristina to get used to working from home. So much so that she joined a group of people helping Zühlke Bulgaria test new ways of working by establishing Zühlke Hubs. This means that, in the future, Hristina could work remotely and visit her family more often – or even move there indefinitely. Unable to hide her excitement, Hristina confirms: “This is a unique opportunity.”

Teamwork makes the dream work

It’s never easy starting a new job, making connections, and getting used to new routines. “Although I joined Zühlke less than a year ago, I already noticed how the company culture has positively affected my life. Good teamwork means not only completing your fair share of duties. A successful team also helps each other reach their full potential. I am naturally a shy person, but the friendly and supportive culture at Zühlke has helped me tackle any worries,” says Hristina. “The way I see it, I work with friends, not just colleagues.”

“One thing that significantly reduces stress and makes my work much more efficient is the ability to ask questions or reach out with a problem,” shares Hristina. After all, two heads are always better than one! “I also find that when projects are well-managed, there is less unnecessary pressure, which means there’s more space for effective problem-solving.” As a result, she does not need to bring work home, which ultimately allows her to focus on herself and thoroughly enjoy her time off.

“I don’t always find the motivation for exercise, but I’m getting there”

For Hristina, finding a way to switch off and recharge properly is the key to keeping motivation alive. “I am an active person, and I find it hard to sit still,” says Hristina. She finds that moving her body helps her keep her mind sharp, too, so she takes her dog Max for long walks or, weather permitting, for a hike in nature. Recently, she took up running and is currently training for a half marathon. “As I am currently working from home, I’ve been trying to squeeze in a run during my lunchbreaks. I don’t always succeed, but I’m getting there,” smiles Hristina.

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Hristina Stoyanova

Advanced Software Engineer

Hristina Stoyanova is a .NET Engineer and since January 2020 at Zühlke. She is interested in Full Stack .NET development.

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