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Separating work and leisure time

Evelyn Loo ist Software Engineer bei Zühlke
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From video games to solo trips, Evelyn Loo, an Advanced Software Engineer from Zühlke Singapore, knows how to make the most out of her free time. Finding the perfect balance is an important skill, and Evelyn has a few tips and tricks up her sleeve.

The importance of switching off

Evelyn's secret to mastering a daily routine that works best for her is knowing how to separate work and leisure time. "One of the things that make me really appreciate working with Zühlke is that time off here really means off," shares Evelyn. As we all are getting used to the new normal, Evelyn is pleased that working from home actually suits her lifestyle well. "My advice would be to define healthy boundaries between work and time for yourself and learn to relax in a way that works best for you," she says. "I think it's crucial to do things that help you take your mind off work and focus on activities that bring you joy."

Keeping your mind engaged

It's important for Evelyn to recharge her social batteries, so after work, she enjoys meeting up with friends and chit-chatting over dinner. After a particularly busy day, Evelyn likes to spend an evening at home: "Reading, catching up on the latest TV series, or gaming really helps me unwind, too." Speaking of gaming, she is a huge fan and a seasoned player of various Nintendo Switch games - her recent favorite is Animal Crossing. "The reason why I choose gaming as my sort of relaxation is because it allows me to learn new things by solving puzzles in surprising and creative ways," explains Evelyn. "It keeps your mind engaged while having fun!"

Doing nothing is harder than you think

When looking at a screen both at work and at home doesn't seem appealing, Evelyn chooses to do absolutely nothing. In our busy world, mindfully doing nothing is much more challenging than you think. That's why she incorporates yoga practice into her routine. "I'm really grateful to have classes offered right in the Zühlke office," says Evelyn. "It's such a great way to bring wellness and mindfulness to your life." That's why she takes it up a notch and adds a couple of extra weekly practices after work.

“I love to explore the world traveling solo”

Some people look forward to birthdays or national holidays. However, during the year, Evelyn is mostly looking forward to her two-week vacation. "I thoroughly enjoy the social culture at Zühlke and regular team events. But on my time off, I love to explore the world traveling solo," Evelyn reveals. "The last country I visited was Iceland, where for two weeks, I immersed myself in the local culture, met new people, and got to know the country through friendly conversations and food." 

Ways to re-center

Travel not only broadens Evelyn's horizons, but it also helps her re-center herself. "Originally, I come from Malaysia, and my parents still live there," shares Evelyn. The distance between Malaysia and Singapore is not too big, allowing Evelyn to visit her parents often. "Especially if I have had a hard time with my projects, or I am feeling a little stressed, going home for a weekend helps me reset my mood and return to work with a new motivation." Although the recent pandemic has made travel difficult, Evelyn keeps her hopes high: "I am really looking forward to returning for a visit soon."

Evelyn Loo is an Advanced Software Engineer at Zühlke
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Evelyn Loo

Advanced Software Engineer

Evelyn Loo is a Mobile Engineer and joined Zühlke in March 2020. She has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Technology and has been in the software industry for more than 10 years. Her main area of expertise includes the native development for iOS with different frameworks and she has experience in different areas of the development cycle of mobile apps. She's skilled in teamwork and incorporating input into projects.

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