Global Talent Program

We've launched our first Global Talent Program at Zühlke, a 12-months long intrapreneurship journey where 20 of our global colleagues experience what it takes to innovate with sustainable impact.
Global Talent Program_Development Journey
About the program

Our vision for the Global Talent Program is to empower a new generation of innovators who responsibly execute solutions that make a positive contribution to society.

“We ask our intrapreneurs to ‘bring their whole self’ to the program – their entire personality with all their colours, ideas, dreams, edges and quirks – their collective beauty of life experiences which is the soil for creating the new realities of the future”, Head Learning & Development Reto explains.

Phase 1: Kick-off

Our journey started with a kick-off, aimed at getting to know each other, taking everyone onboard smoothly, and clarifying the purpose, goals and expectations.

Here are some voices of some of the program participants, sharing their experience of the kick-off:

Rex Shum, Software Engineer at Zühlke

"Our Global Talent Program leads me to new horizons of innovation leadership and self-awareness around the critical traits I want to further grow and express. During the kickoff event I realized how much I can learn from all the coaches but also from my program peers. I could feel everyone’s passion, courage – all completely sincere to share their stories and emotions. I have a strong feeling that I can push forward to express my curiosity and confidence beyond the limits of learning I experienced so far."

- Rex Shum, Software Engineer

"The Global Talent Program offers me the opportunity to broaden my horizons, to develop personally as a leader, and to appear self-confident inspiring others to role model our values and collectively shape our future. Yet the program kickoff was such a powerful and energizing event which exceeded my expectations and changed my day into a very special one. I am looking forward to the whole growth journey to come – together with amazing learning peers."

- Larissa Stumberger, Marketing & Communications Manager

Larissa Stumberger, Marketing & Communications Manager at Zülhke
Joschka Seydell, Software Engineer at Zühlke

"What truly thrills me about the global talent program is the purpose to create positive impact! And I'm overwhelmed by the openness, emotions and energy I experience in every session with all these diverse, talented and inspiring people."

- Joschka Seydell, Software Engineer

Nicolas Durville
„ I wish all the participants of this great program a highly inspiring, eye opening and reflective learning experience on their leadership path. I highly recommend this program to anybody who would like to take the next step in leadership and create an even stronger impact for Zühlke! “
Nicolas Durville
CEO EMEA & Partner, and Executive Sponsor of the Global Talent Program

Phase 2: Workshops & Trainings

Tijana, Max and Tijana

It's a journey full of surprises

A series of practical sessions in the fields of innovation leadership, storytelling, pitching and leading team dynamics offer experiential skill-building opportunities, and equip participants with tools and techniques relevant for their innovation mission ahead.

Read about participants’ workshop experience and how it made them reflect on their strengths and opportunities to grow.

Max Obrist, Lead Architect at Zühlke
„ My initial thoughts at the start of the workshop were: ’What did I get myself into?’
But, boy, these two days were amazing – full of content, energy, passion and unexpectedly emotional. “
Max Obrist
Lead Architect, Zühlke

Phase 3: Project Kick-off

We have reached an exciting phase where participants finally start innovating. During a Kick-off session, they grouped around project ideas which they will be tackling over the next months.

Get an insight into participants' experiences, their ambitious missions, and into how they feel about the journey ahead.

Innovation Mission Kick-off

Phase 4: The Innovation Mission

We're regularly adding content here as participants progress on their journey. Check back soon for the latest update.

Global Talent Program_Development Journey

The Zühlke Global Talent Program

The Global Talent Program combines the two main pillars of Zühlke's learning and development philosophy: Formal training (such as workshops, coaching and mentoring sessions), and a hands-on, on-the-job learning approach where small teams will develop and implement a project idea with a sustainable impact.

News about the cohort's journey will be posted here throughout the program.

three employees from zuehlke singapore in front of a laptop

Learn more: Zühlke's Learning & Development Philosophy

At Zühlke, we prioritise the strategic development of competencies – technical, methodological and interpersonal – that are highly valued by our client base. This ensures our employees, our value proposition and our portfolio of disciplines and solutions remain adaptable, competitive and successful in the marketplace. We foster – and strongly believe in – development on-the-job, and the diversity of our projects presents ample opportunities for just that. We also offer a range of complementary, Zühlke-tailored training programs and like to leverage the power of coaching and mentoring.