Interviewing at Zühlke Asia

Our teams are diverse by all means, and this is how and what we recruit - highly skilled and passionate people, no matter where they are from or what their current set-up is.

Long before the pandemic, we have been working and hiring internationally and virtually at Zühlke Asia. With this, we feel we are safe to say that we know both in-person and virtual processes like the back of our hand. We firmly believe in a combination of interviewing methods – ensuring flexibility to every candidate in choosing the setting one feels most comfortable in.

Read on while we highlight our beliefs and learnings of interviewing and hiring from different angles: We will hear from our internal interviewing experts as well as from candidates who went through our process – both with a positive and with a negative outcome.

Singapore leadership team

Before we start, here’s a short overview of the interview process at Zühlke Asia:

After having looked at the CV, there’s a short phone interview and a pair programming exercise, followed by a deep dive technical assessment and a conversation with the future line manager and a recruiting specialist.  

Step-by-step Hiring Process
Singapore Team - Melvin

Interviewing at Zühlke - our recruiters' perspective

“We are human beings assessing human beings”

Meet Aimen, recruiting and talent relation specialist at Zühlke in Hong Kong and Melvin, expert software engineer and technical interviewer for Zühlke in Singapore as they share their insights as being on the assessor’s side of things.

Singapore team

Interviewing at Zühlke - our candidates' perspective

What better way to find out more about our interviews than from our candidates first-hand?