We Do Work That Matters

It is our mission at Zühlke to focus on driving real change through digital innovation, make a positive impact, and give our people's work a purpose.

Our work culture is not only based on the diverse expertise of our colleagues, but also on the diversity of perspectives in different teams that work together globally and in a spirit of trust to achieve the best results. We are convinced that these innovations and our technological progress can positively change not only the economy, but also our entire society. Together with our customers, we work on more sustainable and efficient solutions for the future every day. 

Discover some of our projects and learn why we do work that matters


A Digital App for Assisted Living Homes

With a user-friendly, intuitive digital app we placed effective behavioural support in the hands of front-line care workers to enrich the lives of both care service users and their carers. 

Zühlke experts were brought in by Special Needs Care to rapidly create an innovative digital platform enhancing independence and opportunity among people with intellectual disabilities by increasing access to, and control over, a range of everyday activities at home and in the community.  

Can we support assisted aid with a digital app?

Therefore, Zuhlke took documented theory and translated it into an operationally fit and commercially viable application. Through API and Microservice Architecture, we built a simple and intuitive user interface with optimal user experience to increase the amount of time care workers can spend with the service users instead of recording information and transcribing notes. 

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API, Microservice Architecture, Digital Cloud Services, DevOps

More work that matters

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Investor App

We started developing a new App where we‘re using a data-driven approach to identify the best locations for e-charging stations and provide that information to investors. This will play a vital role in building a charging station infrastructure that supports the rapid deployment of electric vehicles by the time petrol cars are banned in the UK in 2030.

Can we protect the climate with data?

NHS Covid-19 Test & Trace App

We've helped fight a worldwide pandemic by developing the NHS Covid-19 app. We built the iOS and Android app, as well as the supporting back-end services and cloud platform infrastructure. As a result, we were able to prevent over 600 thousand people from being infected.​

Can we save lives with zeros and ones?

A Real-time Monitoring System for Oxygen Cylinder Valves

We helped Linde Healthcare create a real-time tracking system for their digital cylinder valves for medical gases. Through the Internet of Things, hospitals can now automatically optimise their gas cylinder usage and easily manage current and future supplies.

Can we optimize oxygen supplies with IoT?