Planetly: Pilot customer Zühlke begins the move to climate neutrality

Zühlke Building Eschborn

Innovation service provider creates transparency for CO2 footprint of German sites

Eschborn, 01 March 2020 - With the support of the start-up Planetly, Zühlke has recorded the CO2 footprint of its German sites in 2019 and offset it via certified climate protection projects. The German branch of the internationally active innovation service provider is one of the pilot customers for the start-up, which was founded in 2020.

But for Alexander Kuchenbecker, Business Solution Manager at Zühlke, this is just the beginning: "The main purpose of recording our status quo is for it to be the starting point for reducing our CO2 emissions in the future." In total, Zühlke in Germany – across its five sites and 320 employees – left a footprint of 2,080 tonnes of CO2 in 2019. All greenhouse gas emissions resulting from company activities were measured. These were mainly the use of external services, the office operations, business travel and employee commuting.

To compensate for its own CO2 emissions in Germany, Zühlke supports a biogas project in Sichuan, a project for clean drinking water in Rwanda, the REDD+ Borneo rainforest project and a biomass project in Bulgaria. In addition, Zühlke participated in a reforestation project in Brandenburg by planting 100 trees.

About Planetly

Planetly is a climate technology company that develops digital tools to help companies calculate, reduce and offset their CO2 emissions. The declared goal is to make the business world climate-neutral.

Planetly fully automates the data collection process in order to analyse CO2 emissions continuously and in real time. Based on real data, the analysis provides the transparency needed to translate the CO2 footprint into practicable measures and to reduce it.

Planetly was founded in 2020 by Anna Alex and Benedikt Franke in Berlin.

About Zühlke

Zühlke – Empowering Ideas. Zühlke is a global innovation service provider, envisaging ideas and creating new business models for clients from a wide range of industries by developing services and products based on new technologies – from the initial vision, through development to deployment, production and operation. In addition, our venture capital arm Zühlke Ventures provides start-up financing in the high-tech sector. 

Zühlke was founded in Switzerland in 1968 and is owned by its partners. Its 1,200 employees are based in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hong Kong, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.