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Zühlke Plovdiv: ambitions & opportunities in our new Bulgarian hub

Read on to get to know how our expanding Zühlke hub offers personal and professional growth.

The new Zuehlke hub in Bulgaria is situated in Plovdiv
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  • Discover how our Zühlke office in Plovdiv offers personal and professional growth.

  • Learn about our expanding hub – and the nurturing culture within.

  • We also explore the culture outside and Plovdiv itself - a city of seven hills, that’s not far from ski resorts and the beach.

Software Engineer Vanya joined Zühlke just before lockdown began, while her colleague Aleksandar started six months into the pandemic. After making good experiences with remote working, the idea came up to expand our Bulgarian hub outside of Sofia, the capital. The local management team saw the great potential in that idea and so, they’re now on the look-out for talented engineers to join Aleksandar and Vanya in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv. <p>Read on to get to know how our expanding Zühlke hub offers personal and professional growth.</p>

What you want matters

“At Zühlke, people really do care,” says Aleksandar Garov, an Expert Software Engineer in Zühlke’s Plovdiv team. “What you want matters. From the very moment you’re interviewed you feel that. Here, if you have ambitions to grow, you’re given additional training and skills, so you’re ready to take on more responsibility as and when the time comes.”

His Plovdiv colleague, Vanya Valkova, has her own ambitions: “For me, the quality of the products at Zühlke is a motivating part of my job. This gets me out of bed in the morning. I started out on a project that I wasn’t very passionate about. But, straight away, my Line Manager switched me to working on medical devices, which I find fascinating. Since then, I’ve taken courses and earned certifications so that I can advance in this highly technical field – perhaps going on to become a principal consultant one day.”

Vanya Valkova, Advanced Software Engineer

Vanya Valkova, Advanced Software Engineer

Creating a Plovdiv engineering hub

Now an integral part of Zühlke’s expanding and evolving Plovdiv Zühlke team – a satellite to its Sofia office - Vanya joined just before lockdown began, while Aleksandar started six months into the pandemic. They’re now on the look-out for talented engineers to join them. They’re currently working remotely, but in due course, it’s likely that Zühlke will open a physical office in Plovdiv, where colleagues can catch up in person each week.

Above all, they’re looking for people with personality and potential. As Vanya explains: “We’re looking for flexible self-starters with an insatiable appetite to grow, learn and evolve. If someone shows a real interest, a spark and a sense of initiative, they’ll fit right in. Passion is the glue that brings everyone together at Zühlke.”

“I love interviews that feel like natural conversations; it’s never an interrogation,” adds Aleksandar. “Ultimately, I’m looking for people I know will be a safe pair of hands – not just technically, but in terms of their values. Trust is a big part of working at Zühlke. We’re an international team and we look out for each other – we want proactive and open colleagues. Fun is important too – we’re always trying to make each other laugh.”

Working in the Cultural Capital

Born and bred in Plovdiv, Aleksandar describes his city as having “a laid-back vibe and stunning views”, as well as being the perfect location for both beach-lovers and skiers alike, with a bustling ski resort and a beautiful coastline both within short reach.

Plovdiv was also the European Capital City of Culture in 2019. Straddled across seven spectacular hills, it’s one of the oldest cities in the world – affectionately known as the “Eternal City”, and said to be more ancient than Rome itself. It’s packed with atmosphere – you can while away weekend hours meandering through the romantic old town with its colorful 19th century mansions, or enjoying a cold beer in the trendy, creative heart of Kapana. 

“Plovdiv has an artsy vibe,” according to Vanya. “It’s very relaxed, with lots of parks, lovely weather and delicious food; you feel like you can breathe here. The quality of life is excellent – it’s compact, but dense, so you spend less time commuting and more time enjoying what the city has to offer.” 

Aleksandar Garov, Expert Software Engineer

Aleksandar Garov, Expert Software Engineer

Zühlke Plovdiv - The culture within

The team at the Plovdiv Zühlke office are creating a culture that’s as rewarding to work in as the city is to live in. When joining the team, everyone is appointed a ‘buddy’ to check in with regularly, ask questions and address any concerns. 

“When I first started, right in the middle of the pandemic, as well as my buddy, people just started reaching out to me via video chats. It was really nice and made me feel valued,” remembers Aleksandar. “We have a discussion culture here and one of positivity. People care about what you want from your career and if you’re realistic with your ambitions, you’ll get the green light.”

Vanya agrees: “It’s a very friendly atmosphere where personal growth is encouraged. There is a strong sense of respect and work ethic. Your opinion is valued and you’re recognised for what you bring to the table.”

If you have a good work ethic to bring to the table, and you’d like to join Zühlke’s Plovdiv team as its hub expands, we’d love to know more. Check out our current vacancies below.

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