Zühlke recognised as a sample vendor for Sustainable Business by Gartner®

Zühlke is named a sample vendor for Sustainable Business in Gartner’s latest impact radar report: ‘Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: IT Services’, which recommends that organisations work 'alongside technology partners to co-develop’ sustainable solutions.

Speaking of the Gartner recognition, Christoph Bröcker, Head of Sustainability at Zühlke, said: ‘Zühlke is honoured to be recognised by Gartner, a trusted authority that delivers actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams. We believe our inclusion in the report is a testament to our comprehensive sustainability offering, which includes sustainable business strategy, lifecycle assessment, circular and eco-design, green IT, responsible AI, and more.

Our approach to sustainable business and technology solutions goes beyond foundational services. As sustainability initiatives become more sophisticated, there’s growing interest in transformational services that facilitate both inward operational change and outward change that enables organisations to participate in the emerging ecosystem economy.

‘It’s great to see Gartner advocating co-innovation in its report. In a business environment that’s increasingly collaborative, data-driven, and tech-enabled, partnering with diverse organisations – with complementary data and resources – is the most effective and efficient way to create sustainable solutions at scale’.

The report predicts that sustainable business will reach early majority adoption soon, driven by increasing pressure from key stakeholders and the growing connection between efficiency and sustainable practices.

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A key recommendation is to: ‘Create composable sustainable business solutions by joining ecosystems and investing in partnerships for co-creating products and services that are sustainable by design’.

According to Gartner, 'As digital business and sustainable business are interlinked in business strategies, clients will refocus their [hardware] products and components to keep them at the highest possible value for as long as possible'.

Christoph Broecker

Group Head of Sustainability

As Group Head of Sustainability, Christoph Broecker works closely with our regional operations to enhance and strengthen Zühlke's sustainability offerings and capabilities, leading the Group’s efforts towards more sustainable operations. Christoph Broecker has worked in various roles at Zühlke since 2003 and helped set up the Hong Kong office.

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