Sustainability at Zühlke: our journey

The long-term success of our clients is deeply connected with the world around us. To thrive in the future, we need business models, innovation systems, and digital solutions that positively impact people, planet, and profit. By teaming up with diverse partners, with complementary data and capabilities, we can co-create better solutions – efficiently, effectively, and at scale.

Co-innovating a sustainable future

Together with clients and partners, we apply our expertise, passion, and networks to shape a more sustainable future. So, what have we achieved so far? Download our 2022 corporate responsibility report to explore our latest milestones and onward journey.

Discover how we:

  • Adopted science-based targets to drive our ambitious net zero roadmap. 
  • Established a standardised framework to measure and improve the environmental and societal impact of our projects. 
  • Partnered with exciting players across healthcare, energy, and beyond to develop innovative solutions – including a sensor that detects methane leaks and a medical research platform that ensures patient privacy. 
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'The urgent issues of our time are beyond the scope of a single organisation or industry, so collective business action is essential.'

Philipp Sutter, Chairman, Zühlke Group

Philipp Sutter, Chairman, Zühlke Group

Creating the largest possible impact

The ‘responsibility’ in ‘corporate responsibility’ is about taking action where your skills and experience can deliver the most impact.

In line with that principle, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we’ve made climate action and health improvement our sustainability focus. Both areas stand to gain much from co-innovation and modern technology – and they form the basis of our threefold focus on positive project impact, sustainable ways of working, and community engagement.

Diagram showing Zühlke's compass of sustainability dimensions: positive project impact, sustainable ways of working, community engagement = climate action & health improvement
Positive project impact

Positive project impact

Improving the impact of our client collaborations is a strategic priority. Together with clients and partners, our teams are closely focused on taking great strides forward – and measuring the progress we make. To ensure this accountability, we developed and piloted the Project Impact Assessment (PIA) method, giving us clear targets and a strong measurement framework to put our aspirations into action.

Community engagement 

Community engagement

We co-create positive change by fostering community engagement. Our corporate citizenship activities include donations and sponsorship measures, pro bono work, and charitable support like team events and volunteering. 

Sustainable ways of working

Sustainable ways of working

Improving the sustainability of our own operations is a key focus in our corporate responsibility strategy. We’re committed to net zero and have adopted science-based targets – currently in review by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) – aiming to achieve net zero Scope 1+2 emissions by 2030, and to become net zero across our whole value chain by 2040. This requires a wide range of measures to reduce emissions by 90% against our 2021 baseline.

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' Zühlke helped us show the tangible sustainability benefits of our plasma cleaning tech. This will be key to its adoption '
Paul Hensley
CEO, IonField Systems
Explore our Corporate Responsibility Report
Christoph Broecker

Christoph Broecker

Head of Sustainability & Director Solution Center

As Head of Sustainability, Christoph Broecker works closely with our regional operations to enhance and strengthen Zühlke's sustainability offerings and capabilities, leading the Group’s efforts towards more sustainable operations. Christoph Broecker has worked in various roles at Zühlke since 2003 and helped set up the Hong Kong office.

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Our memberships and commitments

Our sustainability memberships and commitments