Gartner® mentions Zühlke as a vendor with domain expertise in the global insurance industry

Zühlke has been mentioned by Gartner as an example vendor in the Gartner report "Competitive Landscape: IT Service Providers to the Global Insurance Industry"

The recognition comes as Zühlke is named as an example vendor in one of the latest Gartner reports, "Competitive Landscape: IT Service Providers to the Global Insurance Industry."

Scalable resources and domain experience

We believe this Gartner report emphasises the critical importance for vendors to offer scalable resources equipped with deep domain experience. These professionals should possess an acute understanding of industry challenges, regulatory frameworks, solution ecosystems, and specialised knowledge of insurance terminologies.

"Zühlke is honoured to have been mentioned from Gartner in this report. Because Gartner as a globally trusted authority delivers actionable, objective insights to executives and their teams. We believe our mention in this report reflects the depth and breadth of our comprehensive insurance offerings. We are committed to continuing our innovative strategies that drive value for our clients in this ever-evolving industry”, comments Thomas Memmel, Senior Managing Director Markets at Zühlke.

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Contact person for Switzerland

Thomas Memmel

Group Chief Financial Services Industry Officer & Partner

Dr. Thomas Memmel has many years of experience in leading interdisciplinary teams and transforming corporate culture and environment. He has been with Zühlke since 2009, a Partner since 2014, and since January 2024 he's responsible as Group Chief Financial Services Industry Officer. He is passionate about service and product innovation, business development, and creating new customer experiences. Thomas Memmel is currently responsible for the Financial Services and Enterprise Customers division.

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