Zühlke AWS Well-Architected Reviews

Optimise and align your workloads with best practises

As a part of our ever-evolving Cloud Consultancy offering, we are very excited now to be able to offer our clients the AWS Well-Architected Reviews.

As the complexity of your Cloud Footprint grows, the challenge of ensuring optimal use and performance of cloud re-sources grows with it. This is where the AWS Well-Architected review comes to your aid.

Our experienced Cloud Architects stand ready to help to take you through the tried and tested optimisation review that AWS has been developing for nearly a decade. The review evaluates your workloads against five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Review:

  1. Operational Excellence – Running and monitoring systems
  2. Security – Protecting systems, assets and information
  3. Reliability – Preventing and quickly recovering from failures
  4. Performance Efficiency – Using Cloud resources efficiently
  5. Cost Optimisation – Avoid and eliminate waste

Outcome & benefits

Once completed our Architects will report on the findings and work closely with you in assessing their impact on your business and what the best remediation steps are.


  • Detailed and actionable findings on performance improvements, security gaps and potential wastage
  • Neutral, outside assessment of the health and any risks facing your workloads

Detailed understanding your alignment to best practises, both organisational and technical


1) Initial meeting to gain an overview of the workload(s) in scope, identify stakeholders, agree on the review process and sharing any documentation that may be helpful to study ahead of the review itself.


2) Day of review

  • Two Zühlke reviewers work 4-5 hours in total together with your Workload Architect & Project Manager (or equivalent subject matter experts from your side).

  • Findings and notes are captured in the AWS Well-Architected tool.

  • At the end we agree on a date for reviewing the final report.

3) Post review (ideally within 2-3 days)

  • Scrutinize findings and create report & recommendations to share with you.
  • Meet to walk through the report and recommendations.

Commercial details

AWS Well-Architected reviews are free of charge to our clients and additionally AWS (in most instances) offers 5000 USD worth of platform credits if 25% of the identified issues are resolved within 30 days of the review.

Contact person for Switzerland

Jürg Borter

Chief of Cloud

Jürg Borter is Chief of Cloud and thus responsible for everything on offer around the "Journey to the Cloud". He is fascinated by the daily growing innovation potential of Cloud and the resulting opportunities for companies. As an IT engineer, he can draw on several years of experience in large software implementation projects.

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Contact person for Germany

Jörg Sitte

Director Business Development, Germany

As Director Business Development, Jörg Sitte is responsible for business development in the mechanical/plant engineering and MedTech sectors in Southern Germany. He is intensively involved in IoT and digitalisation projects as well as all the disciplines required for these projects, such as software (embedded, cloud and apps), electronics, sensor technology and mechanics/construction. He is convinced that the competitiveness of companies is increasingly determined by a successful digitalisation strategy. 

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Contact person for United Kingdom

Brewster Barclay

Business Development Director

Brewster Barclay has a long history developing and selling innovative software and hardware solutions in the electronics and Internet industries, including running a start-up for 6 years. He is dedicated to helping customers create innovative solutions in healthcare and has shown this outside of his Zühlke responsibilities in his frequent mentoring of e-health and medtech startups.

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Contact person for Hong Kong

Connie Yeung

Business Development Manager

Connie oversees the Insurance and other key business verticals in Hong Kong. She has over 10 years of experience working in both Finance and IT industry, supporting a wide range of organisations including Fortune 500 clients. With that, she has gained extensive insight into how enterprises can create better business outcomes with digital innovation. Connie is also active in foundations supporting initiatives on women leadership and women in IT.

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