Data-Driven Everything with AWS and Zühlke

At Zühlke, we believe that data is the key to the future. In close collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we empower our clients with essential skills to harness their data's full potential. The Data-Driven Everything Program, also known as AWS D2E, jump-starts your data journey, prioritising people, processes, and technology for value-based outcomes.

Why should you embrace our data-driven approach?

The power of co-creation:

The long-term Zühlke and AWS partnership is built on trust, innovation expertise, and the latest AWS tools and technologies to ensure that you stay ahead in the ever-evolving data landscape.

Think big, start small, scale fast:

The D2E methodology aligns your business and IT to foster meaningful innovation within a particular use case, defining a feasible MVP to get started, showcasing business value immediately, and creating an actionable roadmap towards the big idea.

New business value:

The program is tailored to help you tap into the vast potential hidden within your data. We will show you how to extract actionable insights that can transform your business operations, drive efficiency, and open doors to new business opportunities.

Data-Driven Everything Program benefits:

Competitive edge

Stay ahead of the curve by making data-driven decisions that lead to better outcomes.

Cost efficiency

Optimise your resources and investments by using data to target your efforts effectively.

Value creation

Accelerate your time-to-value with an iterative approach, the AWS flywheel, based on rapid MVP development and immediate feedback.


Drive innovation within your organisation by leveraging data to identify trends and insights.

Strategic growth

Unlock new revenue streams and strategic growth opportunities by tapping into your data's potential.

Become a data-driven leader in your industry. Discover the Data-Driven Everything Program today and experience the transformative power of data in partnership with AWS and Zühlke. Together, we're building a data-driven future, enabling you to accelerate and enhance decision-making through a people-oriented, process-driven, and technology-first approach that fuels innovation. 

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