Digitalisation of financial instruments: New partnership with Deutsche Börse

Zühlke is now a Digital Market Partner of Deutsche Börse's D7 issuance platform, driving digital innovation in the global financial system.

Deutsche Börse's digital issuance platform, D7®, allows market participants to issue electronic securities. The platform offers a digital alternative to the conventional physical issuance and processing of securities. With D7, companies can digitise their financial products and have access to both existing centralised and decentralised infrastructures and markets.

Proud partner of Deutsche Börse

As a D7 Digital Market Partner, Zühlke delivers reliable expertise in the areas of software engineering, data, AI, cloud, blockchain, and DevOps. Zühlke provides a wide range of services, from consulting and software development to the implementation of customised solutions. "We are proud to further expand our global ecosystem through our partnership with Deutsche Börse and to drive digital innovation in the financial system," comments Stefan Grasmann, Managing Director Technology & Partner at Zühlke.

Contact person for Germany

Jan-Philipp Koch

Principal Business Developer

As an innovation partner, Jan-Philipp supports banks and other financial services companies in the development of data-driven business models and digital solutions and processes. He brings experience as a consultant from a technology and management consulting firm and thus extensive knowledge in the areas of Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

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