David Elliman joins Zühlke Group as Global Chief of Software Engineering

Zühlke is pleased to announce the appointment of David Elliman as Global Chief of Software Engineering.

Zühlke Group is pleased to announce the appointment of David Elliman as its new Global Chief of Software Engineering. David has a wealth of cross-disciplinary expertise in designing and building complex, mission critical systems as well as in digital transformation, cloud technologies, DevOps, and data analytics. He joins Zühlke following an 11-year tenure at Thoughtworks and brings nearly 40 years of software engineering expertise.

As the Global Chief of Software Engineering, David will focus on providing strategic guidance to Zühlke’s clients, particularly in navigating the transformative impact of technologies like generative AI. While based in the UK, David will collaborate globally with Zühlke’s Head of Software Excellence, Christian Heger.

Leveraging a successful track record in shaping and influencing the discourse around technology and engineering, David will play a pivotal role in driving Zühlke’s thought leadership initiatives. “I’m excited to leverage my experience in building thought leadership as an important aspect from the grassroots of the company. Even though I’ll be working in software engineering, I have direct experience in digital transformation, cloud, DevOps, and data analytics and am keen to bring all these areas together to support thought leadership as a cross-disciplinary practice,” said David.

Beyond his role at Zühlke, David is a member of prestigious networks and advisory boards, including the World Economic Forum Expert Network, Big Innovation Centre, Advisory Council of Harvard Business Review, and Forbes Technology Council.

Commenting on his strong network and industry involvement in the UK in particular, David emphasised his interest in bridging the gap between the capabilities of modern technologies and opportunities for improvement in the public sector. 

“I’m very interested in technology policymaking and the decision-making that’s embodied in law. As an Innovation Fellow at Big Innovation Centre, I sit on the AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, and climate change All-Party Parliamentary Groups who advise MPs on these topics. This is excellent for being a part of the conversation and learning what is worrying the government and helping them understand the nuances of modern innovations,” said David.

Zühlke is excited to welcome David and strengthen the company’s growth journey together, propelling the organisation and its clients towards innovation that goes beyond borders and creating value that delivers a lasting impact.

David Elliman

Global Chief of Software Engineering

With nearly 40 years of experience in technology and innovation, David is a global leader and advisor. As Chief of Software Engineering at Zühlke, David guides organisations through the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Specialising in blockchain, IoT, machine learning, big data, and cloud computing, David offers technical consulting worldwide, facilitating the adoption of lean enterprise and continuous delivery principles.

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