What will the Future of Health look like?

Today, the health sector faces a myriad of challenges including a rapidly ageing population, an increased prevalence of chronic diseases and evolving regulatory landscapes. 


Healthcare organisations need to embrace new ways of working, anchored on ecosystem collaboration and technology as key drivers towards the future of healthcare. 

With our global expertise in delivering healthcare innovations and deep understanding of the industry, our Zühlke team is uniquely positioned to empower healthcare, pharmaceutical and medtech organisations by using technology as an enabler for sustainable growth. 

Together, we can help you to tackle these challenges to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and deliver seamless end-to-end patient-centric care. 

Rising healthcare costs, improving the patient experience and optimising workflows are some of the challenges that healthcare organisations face today. 

Our expertise

- Patient-centric digital health applications 

- Smart healthcare systems 

- Telemedicine 

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are confronted with the complex challenges of drug discovery, regulatory requirements and increasing competition from growing markets. 

Our expertise

- Machine-learning and AI for drug discovery

- Digital clinical trial platforms

- Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

As a unique player in the healthcare industry, medtech companies commonly face the challenge of developing a go-to-market strategy, navigating the complex healthcare regulatory landscape and commercialising their medical innovations. 

Our expertise:

- Software-as-a-Medical Device (SaMD)

- Digital strategy consulting 

- Cost-effective and regulatory-compliant medical devices 

How we tackle healthcare challenges together with you

  • We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare organisations including changing market demands as well as regulatory requirements such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Medical Device Regulation (MDR), and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR).

    We help our healthcare clients navigate the rapidly changing landscape by providging expert support and guidance in shaping their organisational strategy, including identifying growth opportunities, optimising processes and aligning their business objectives with industry trends. 

    By leveraging our deep expertise and knowledge of healthcare regulations, we empower our clients to enhance their competitiveness, navigate complexities and deliver next-generation healthcare innovations. 

  • We design, develop and operationalise digital healthcare applications for patients, clinicians, and laboratories​. We empower clinicians to work smarter, and streamline processes while enabling patients to actively manage their health through user-friendly interfaces, personalised insights and seamless access to healthcare resources. 

    By using digital technologies as an anchor, our goal is to facilitate a cohesive and interconnected healthcare ecosystem, broadening access and empowering individuals in their healthcare journey. 

  • We support the development of innovative medical devices and systems. Our multidisciplinary teams collaborate closely with clients to transform their ideas and concepts into tangible, market-ready solutions. We apply our deep expertise in engineering, product design and regulatory compliance to ensure that the developed medical devices and systems meet the highest quality standards and regulatory requirements. 

    Our clients trust us throughout the entire product development lifecycle, from initial design and concept development to production and market launch.

  • From operationalising your machine learning prototype and developing medical AI solutions that generate real value to creating a cloud-neutral regulated Data & AI platform, we leverage our technical proficiency and industry knowledge to deliver cutting-edge solutions powered by AI. 

    By combining our expertise in AI, data engineering and healthcare domain knowledge, we empower our clients to harness the power of data and AI to improve patient outcomes, enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation in the healthcare ecosystem. 

Designing a next-generation virtual clinical trial platform

"Zühlke’s technical expertise and commitment to excellence were essential to bringing our vision of a next-generation clinical trial platform to life. The Zühlke team members collaborated closely with our engineering and product groups, essentially operating as if they were part of our internal team."

- Craig Gravina
Chief Technology Officer 
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  • Jim Lim

    Jim Lim

    Managing Director Health Singapore


    With more than 25 years of ICT industry experience, Jim brings a wealth of experience providing business and strategic advice to clients regionally. Having held various leadership positions across enterprises, Jim was also the founding CEO of Good Doctor Technology. Jim has worked with clients across multiple industry verticals, including healthcare and pharmaceutical. As Head of Health Industry Singapore, Jim will expand Zühlke’s healthcare expertise and offerings to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in Singapore. 

  • Nicolas Lai

    Nicolas Lai

    Business Development Manager APAC


    Nicolas supports the Healthcare market unit at Zühlke Asia, focusing on innovative digital strategy and product development initiatives with global and local customers. Nicolas is passionate about helping clients connect the dots, bridging the gap from conceptualisation to implementation.