Zühlke Global NomadZ Desk

At Zühlke, we believe the way of working has changed - for good. We believe a great skillset and ability to learn is key for success, not where we live or come from. This is why we expand our talent pool to more countries than where we have an office in.
Remote Work

Be part of the future of work

We are convinced that successful project work can happen from anywhere. This is why we introduce our new offering called the Zühlke Global NomadZ Desk. This virtual entity enables you to work remotely as a software engineer on innovative projects for our customers and still be a part of a team and an organization - no matter where you call home.

What is a 'Zühlke Global NomadZ'?

The term Global NomadZ refers to a Zühlke employee who works remotely and is both part of a 'global' set up as well as a 'nomad' by pioneering the way we work.

And the 'Z' - you might have guessed already - stands for Zühlke :-)

Remote Leadership

What's the difference between a Global NomadZ employee and a regular employee?

You have decided to live and work outside of Singapore, Hong Kong or Vietnam. Other than that, there are no differences!

A Global NomadZ is just as any regular employee who enjoys the same benefits and opportunities as our other employees in the Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam office. This is a permanent position and each Global NomadZ is a fully-fledged employee of the Zühlke Asia team.

Virtual Onboarding at Zühlke

What is in it for you as a Global NomadZ?

On top of our usual benefits, you will get to travel to other Zuhlke Asia locations to meet your colleagues, learn and exchange experiences - four times a year!  

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So what is next?

Step-by-step Hiring Process
Interview tips
Zühlke employees working with the HoloLens in front of the Singapore office

Become a Global NomadZ yourself

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