Want to become an Embedded Engineer at Zühlke?

When it comes to Embedded Systems, this is a discipline with over 50 years of tradition in Zühlke. We are working in the fields of Medical, Industrial, Railway and consumer IoT. We develop solutions on various platforms and ecosystems.


As an Embedded Engineer, you develop customised embedded software solutions that collect, process, and display data highly effectively. By building unique embedded solutions tailored to the specific hardware's complexity, you transform our customers' devices into intelligent, connected products that generate real added value.

Embedded Engineering at Zühlke

World of Embedded Engineering at Zühlke

As an Embedded Engineer, you will cooperate with colleagues from different disciplines and locations. 

As part of our multidisciplinary teams, you will develop devices and software across all industries and areas of life - from coffee machines to surgical robots, from intelligent furniture to networked harvesting vehicles. You will sometimes build a feasibility prototype, sometimes a series of products on different platforms and in different ecosystems – from bare-metal C firmware to C++ applications running on Linux systems. 


What working at Zühlke is about

At Zühlke, you are where innovation happens. We focus on teamwork, agile collaboration, and leading technologies to shape the future and challenge the status quo. We like to break down barriers and explore new territory. Our creativity, skills, and energy enable us to turn brilliant ideas into valuable solutions that help our clients bring innovative, effective, and sustainable products, solutions, and processes to the marketplace. At Zühlke, we are driven by «empowering ideas». 

But taking care of our clients is not all. We are also taking care of you!


Sounds good?

Excellent! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

And not just that.

We are expanding our team and have different running projects. So, if you know a friend, colleague or neighbour you would like to work with, you can refer them and get a bonus. You will be eligible for 1.000 euros when your referral passes the probation period for a senior engineer role.

Any questions? Get in touch with us! 

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