Flexible working at Zühlke GDC Europe - The choice is yours!

Enjoy the flexibility in managing your time because work-life integration matters at Zühlke GDC Europe.
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Life plans changed?

Enjoy flexibility in managing your time because, at Zühlke, work-life integration matters.

At Zühlke's European Global Delivery Centers (GDC), in Portugal, Bulgaria and Serbia, we place flexibility and autonomy at our core. You can adjust your work the way it works best for you and your team!

When the time comes, return to work fresher than ever and full of creative ideas.

You can also choose the best of both worlds and have your work hours reduced or condensed. The choice is yours!

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Reduce your working hours up to 37.5, 35 or 32.5 hours per week and gain more time off during the day or week by working less. You can take the time to play with your kids after school or to start a new hobby and come back with a lighter and more focused mindset!

Jana Protic / Expert Software Engineer / ZRS 
"I used it to finish my master's thesis, and now I spend more time with my daughter, husband and dog. It makes me more focused when I am at work since the work time is reduced, and more relaxed during the family time since it's not so short any more."

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Condense your working hours and work 40 hours fewer days per week. You don’t have to reduce your working hours; you can compress them into a four-day working week. While we are passionate and invested in our client’s projects, we respect our team’s time off.

Vanya Valkova / Lead Architect / ZBG
"During my free day usually run errands I've been postponing because they require a day off. Besides this, I use my time outside during the day, taking some me-time while everybody else is busy. I sometimes work a couple of hours in the morning to reduce the hours I need to work during the rest of the weeks, but I have my calendar empty, so I can focus and get something done. I take Mondays off to be in sync with the rest of my teammates."

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A flexible hybrid working model allows our team to organise their work according to their daily needs. You can work remotely or from the office and use your 22 days of annual vacation with the option of an additional 3 days off.

Aleksandar Milanovic / Advance AI&Data Engineer / ZRS
"Sometimes I start working earlier, for example, at 7-8 AM, when we don’t have any project meetings in the afternoon, so I can finish earlier. Other times, I start at 9 AM and spend a little bit later. I usually work in hybrid mode; 2-3 days a week, I go to our local office (hub) and work from home on other days."

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Unlimited recharge allows you to manage your time off just the way you like and for as long as you like it. We launched an experiment at the beginning of 2023, which allows 35 volunteers to take as many paid days off as they wish without impacting projects and colleagues, with no need to compensate for this time and with all their benefits retained. We want to hear from our team and clients first, and if the outcome is positive, this experiment may decide future actions.

Francisco Lopes / People Lead / ZPT
"Unlimited Recharge allows me to be present for my family, take some time off to rest, fill up my batteries, or deal with unforeseen personal issues without adjusting my programmed vacations because it is so flexible. This brings me great peace of mind knowing I can take a day or two off now, knowing I’ll not be compromising any plans in the future."

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Meet our country leads

  • Tijana Krstajic

    Tijana Krstajić

    Lead Project Manager


    Tijana Krstajic is an experienced Project Manager, a certified Scrum Master, focusing on Scrum and Agile frameworks, Service Management and Operational Process Design. She is passionate about working with teams and bringing forward new practices and collaboration capabilities.

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    Mariana Salvaterra

    CEO Portugal


    As an experienced team leader with a Master's in Informatics and over a decade of experience, Mariana Salvaterra understands the challenges of leading software engineering teams and the importance of nurturing team culture and enabling talent retention and growth strategies.

    As General Manager for Zühlke Portugal, Mariana focuses on the country’s operation while fostering a thriving workplace culture that enables high-quality and innovative solutions for our clients.

    Mariana is passionate about unlocking the potential in every individual to enable them to do their best work and realise their aspirations.

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    Nebojsa Ristin

    CEO Serbia