Vergangener Event

Evening Talk: AI Transforming Cybersecurity - From Adversaries to Allies

7. September 2023
On site Late Afternoon Talk
Zühlke Singapore80 Robinson Road, #22-04
Singapore 068898

Missed the event? Check out this article here on the potential risks these AI-driven threats can cause, and the proactive measures organisations can take to safeguard against these emerging threats here.

Cybersecurity threats are evolving at an alarming rate, posing significant challenges for organisations worldwide. As threat actors embrace the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), organisations must stay ahead in the race for protection. What can organisations do to better safeguard their digital assets and infrastructure in this ever-evolving landscape?

Join industry professionals, experts and thought leaders at this live session hosted by Zühlke as we explore the transformative power of AI in the cybersecurity landscape. This event serves as a platform for business leaders to gain new perspectives on how AI is revolutionising both cyber attacks and cyber defence, and what strategies can be employed to safeguard their organisations and customers.

In this Zühlke Evening Talk, we feature two insightful sessions with expert speakers in the security space:

The Rise of AI-Enabled Attacks: Are We Ready?
by Gian-Luca Frei, Security Consultant, Zühlke

In today's rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, the rising dangers of AI-powered phishing and deep fakes have become a significant concern. In this session, we will shed light on the current state of AI-enabled attacks, the potential risks these AI-driven threats can cause, and the proactive measures organisations can take to safeguard against these emerging threats.

This eye-opening session focuses on the rising dangers of AI-powered phishing in the cybersecurity landscape.

  • Discover how cybercriminals can leverage AI to create highly targeted spear-phishing emails with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
  • Explore the implications of AI algorithms analysing personal data to craft convincing messages, increasing the success rate of phishing attacks.
  • Delve into the alarming advancements in deep fake technology, enabling fraudsters to clone voices and manipulate video identification processes.
  • Gain valuable insights into proactive measures that CISOs can implement to safeguard against these new AI-driven threats.

Improving Asset Protection through AI
by Mito Ye, Solutions Architect, ForgeRock

As intelligent attacks fueled by AI and ML technologies continue to rise, corporate entities proactively counter the growing wave of AI-driven threats. In this session, we will delve into how CIOs and CISOs can leverage AI to automate asset and resource protection, while also exploring the future possibilities of AI-enabled Identity and Access Management (IAM) in security and efficiency in access, authentication and authorisation processes. 


Our featured speakers include: 

Gian-Luca Frei, Security Consultant, Zühlke
Gian-Luca Frei is a security engineer at Zühlke, specialising in systems with the highest security standards. He is an active member and project leader of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). Recently, Gian-Luca has started focusing on the implications of AI on Cybersecurity. With expertise in security architecture, web security, penetration testing, identity and access management, and cryptography, he brings a comprehensive understanding to his work. Gian-Luca's research on modern cryptographic protocols earned him the prestigious ISSS Excellence Award 2019.

Mito Ye, Solutions Architect, ForgeRock
Mito is a Solution Architect from ForgeRock, specializing in Identity and Access Management. In her past eight years of technical experience, she successfully led product developments for AI-driven analytics tools and cybersecurity products. With a passion for continuous learning and a commitment to driving technological advancement, Mito joined the ForgeRock to dive deep into the forefront of the Identity and Access Management landscape.

About ForgeRock
Recognised by industry analyst firms as the top leader in Identity and Access Management, ForgeRock helps to enable large, complex enterprises to secure user access, maximise productivity, and strengthen security with one platform for all identities. With an increasing focus on AI/ML vision, ForgeRock believes in providing trusted and transparent intelligent automation that reduces risk, cost, and friction in every part of the identity journey.