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Life Science & Pharmaceutical Industry

360° Healthcare: A Holistic View on Human-Centric Healthcare

31. Oktober 2023
Virtual Late Afternoon Talk
People are ready for digital health – as highlighted in our 2023 Digital Health Study. Not only are they becoming more health literate, but they also recognize the significance and value of their health data. However, there appears to be a lack of reliable sources for information, and a reluctance to pay for digital health solutions.
So, what implications does this have for companies striving to deliver human-centric healthcare solutions?
In our virtual Late Afternoon Talk we brought together a panel of esteemed thought leaders from various healthcare sectors. Their rich experiences from medtech, pharma, and health insurance provide a broad perspective on our shared goals.
In a spirit of collective learning, our panelists discussed the insights from the Zühlke Digital Health Study 2023 and how we can join forces to harness the potential of digital health. This engaging dialogue promises enlightening debates, innovative insights, and thought-provoking ideas to catalyze health innovation.
Introducing Our Distinguished Panel: 
Moderated by: Philipp Tholen, Head of Health, Zühlke Switzerland
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