Zühlke Banking Talk: Payments - Today's Challenges & Future Opportunities

2. Juli 2024
16:00   (Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna)
Virtual Zühlke Talk

Payments serve as the core of our financial ecosystem, undergoing significant transformations driven by emerging technologies, evolving regulations, and shifting customer demands.

In our next virtual Zühlke Banking Talk we will discuss today's challenges and future opportunities in payments for banks and other financial service providers, fintechs, businesses and ultimately their customers.

In our virtual panel we will discuss these and more questions:

  • What upgrades do payment systems need for future demands, and how can companies incorporate digital assets?

  • How can traditional banks integrate digital assets, and what infrastructure changes are necessary?

  • How will lower fees drive economic activity, benefiting businesses and consumers?

  • How can the balance between speed and security in transactions be maintained, especially with instant settlement systems?

Hana Rolles, Chief Executive Officer, Paynetics UK
Paul Staples, Group Head of Embedded Banking, Clear.Bank  
Alexander Feenie, Managing Director, Chavanette Advisors
Stefan Grasmann, Chief of Blockchain, Zühlke
Maurice Roach, Managing Director FSI, Zühlke

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