Webcast Building safe and reliable AI for health care

Together with our experts, we shared some insights on how you can build safe and reliable AI for health care and share some interesting real-world use cases. 

Our experts:

  • Bardia M. Zanganeh, Senior Business Development Manager

  • Gabriel Krummenacher, Principal Data Scientist

Webcast - AI for health care

Webcast Building safe and reliable AI for health care

Are Apps going to replace pills?

Together with our experts we’ve discussed about how a new class of digital health products are enhancing traditional chemical or biological approaches from the pharmaceutical industry, with the potential in some cases to even become suitable alternatives.

  • When can we say that a digital health product is a digital medicine or a digital therapeutics? #
  • Are all Software as a Medical Device digital therapeutics?
  • Are digital therapeutics more often used as a standalone or in combination with a drug?
Webcast Are apps going to replace pills?

Webcast Are Apps going to replace pills?

Building a mobile app for 20 million users in 12 weeks

With the advent of Coronavirus, in early March, Wolfgang Emmerich, the CEO of Zühlke Engineering UK was invited to meet the CEO of DHSC Test & Trace. DHSC sought technical oversight on a mobile app using Bluetooth to detect contact events. The goal was to design and develop a feature rich, medical grade contact tracing app, which could scale to millions of users, be accurate, and ensure data privacy in twelve weeks.

In this webcast, you will learn how Zühlke helped in:

  • Creating a very complex mobile app with the needed levels of security and data privacy by design, approved by NCSC and ICO
  • Developing a class 1 medical app approved my MHRA – “App as a medical device”
  • Building a backend infrastructure using serverless technology that could scale to millions of users in a very short time
Webcast Building a mobile app in 12 weeks

Webcast Building a mobile app for 20 million users in 12 weeks

An Investor’s Perspective on Due Diligence - Webcast Recording

As a start-up, chances are you are currently or in the foreseeable future raising money. You certainly want to make sure to present yourself and your company in the best light in front of the investors. To achieve this, it would clearly be advantageous to know how investors assess start-ups, what factors influence their decision making and what motivates them to move ahead with their investment. 

We invite you to learn about the perspective an investor has on the due diligence process. Apart from the process itself, we address

  • the assessment of the team
  • the business strategy
  • the execution plan 
  • the terms and contracts.
Webcast An Innovator´s perspective on due diligence

Webcast An Investor’s Perspective on Due Diligence

Insurance Digitalisation Webcast Recording

This webcast is intended to provide insurance business leaders with a perspective on:

  • Understanding and embracing the New Normal
  • Identifying new habits and new trends
  • Emerging opportunities and new business cases for insurance digitalisation in Asia and Europe
Webcast Insurance Digitalsation

Webcast Insurance Digitalisation

Open Banking Webcast

On this panel discussion, we took in questions from the audience and discussed topics around:

  • What can we learn from what has been done in UK?
  • State of open banking in Asia
  • Expert insights, solutions, and experience of working/building open banking solutions
  • Challenges of building open banking solutions in each region
  • Use cases of open banking across borders
  • Technology readiness and regulators
Webcast Open Banking

Webcast Open Banking

Startups and Big Corporates - a marriage counselling

Collaborating with big corporates is a good way for startups to increase their chance for a long term success. Especially in industries with high market-entrance barriers, like Pharma or MedTech, corporates can bring in essential capital, experience and industrialization-power. Nevertheless, only a fraction of all startups collaborate with corporates and half of them (according to Boston Consulting) are unsatisfied with their partnership.

In this webinar we want to talk about expectations, cultural differences, collaboration and the relationship between startups and corporates from a neutral point of view.

Webcast Start-ups und Großkonzerne

Webcast Startups and Big Corporates

Zühlke Webcast - Machine Learning for Health: Bridging the Gap between Research and Medical Practice

In this Webcast we will show how AI projects can be executed in a regulated setting. We will talk about the specifics of a medical Machine Learning project and how the Data Science Process needs to be adapted at each phase to satisfy regulatory requirements.

We will cover the following topics for AI in health:

  • Example Applications: Computer Vision, NLP and Time Series
  • Norms & Guidelines
  • Verification & Validation
  • Software Development Process
  • Data Science Process & Best Practices
  • Explainable AI


  • Dr. Gabriel Krummenacher, Lead Data Science Team at Zühlke Engineering AG
  • Uwe Szymanski, Lead Architect Embedded Software at Zühlke Engineering AG
Webcast Machine Learning in der Medizin

Webcast Machine Learning for Health

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