Zühlke Days 2015

We got up very early, enthusiastic to meet hundreds of colleagues from other locations and be the first people from Belgrade office to visit Zühlke Days – the engineering conference organized by the company.

Zühlke Serbia prepared a few sessions for the event, contributing to a wide range of interesting talks/workshops focused on software and product engineering and practices. The toughest part of the event was to choose which sessions to attend.

The marketplace was the perfect spot to present interesting projects we are occupied with, but also to learn about technologies and products our colleagues are working on.

One of the important aspects of this conference was networking, so we participated in discussions, presentations, parties, and sharing the experiences on distributed development throughout the whole event. We were really happy to hear that colleagues from other Zühlke locations like working with the team in Belgrade.

Lightning talks were a cherry on top: diverse, humorous with a hint of sarcasm were a great way to end this well-organized event.

It was time to say farewell and leave... but...

But we are not surrendering that easy! Most of the ZRS team stayed couple of days more, just to make sure Stuttgart won't miss us: we visited the great Stuttgart festival, went sightseeing and explored the famous breweries.

All in all, this was an amazing event and we are really looking forward to the next Zühlke Days – hopefully participating with more people and more interesting content to share.