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Zühlke Camp 2015

Each year every Zühlke location chooses a research topic and embarks on the traditional Zühlke Camp. This year chosen camp location for Zühlke Serbia was Belek, Turkey and our research topic was Internet of Things (IoT) and micro-services architecture.

Last year's Big Data camp in Greece was equally nice, although not as complex, since our developer numbers doubled this year.

Architecture, team setup, and design decisions were done prior to the camp, so that we could spend more time coding and enjoying Belek. Beach, sun, Turkish baths, cocktails and coding can really go together if you set your motivations and priorities in right direction ;)

In the end we had a functional Buggy carrying two Raspberry Pi machines with four sensors and a camera scaring people throughout the hotel :). Of course in the process learned a lot about micro-services architecture, Node.js, different cloud solutions (Heroku, Azure, AWS…), Python, streaming libraries, different communication protocols, and a lot, lot more! We always use Scrum and pair programming on our Camps, because practice makes perfect.

Camp was a complete success, and we even ended up inventing our own cocktail last night in Belek (if you join Zühlke Serbia you'll find out more about the last point).